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September 24 2008

Leverage's Eliot Spencer aka Christian Kane video profile. "Meet Eliot Spencer. He's a mercenary by trade, but he's not a violent guy." Leverage is the upcoming TNT series due to start airing Dec. 7th.

A bit more character detail: "Eliot is not a large guy, but he is deceptively dangerous. His coiled and precise movements belie his quiet cowboy charm. He doesn't like guns and, it turns out, doesn't need them. Despite his rep as a tough guy, he is an apparent whiz in the kitchen and known to take the occasional manly sip of tea. Delicious."

Easily, my favorite pilot of the new season so far. Good to know there is a premiere date.
Is it strange that Spencer reminds me of David Foster Wallace?
I can't wait for this, it looks to have real potential. Timothy Hutton is one of the best actors ever, & it will be so good to see Christian on TV again.
I always thought he was one of the best actors on AtS and OMG, is this man gorgeous, or what?

Just couldn't contain that :)

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Did I do something bad? Looks like the same comment I posted, just curious.
(Mercury is retrograde in Libra and I'm chronically sleep deprived of late, so anything's possible ) ;-)
John Rogers, Leverage's Executive Producer/writer, has a great blog up - Kung Fu Monkey. Lots of behind the scenes stuff.

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