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September 25 2008

Lifetime buys HIMYM rerun rights. Aly and Neil's sitcom achieves the milestone of cable reruns. Article also suggests positive commitments to the show by the network.

Very cool. Apparently Lifetime is trying to shed the "crappy movie of the week" image and do more things hip. Well, they are heading in the right direction with this one as well as being the home to Project Runway next year.
'Positive commitments' sounds good. I love my HIMYM :).
If this guarantees HIMYM at least 5 seasons, I'm doing cartwheels. Best comedy on television, and it's not really even close.
I'm with Pollaxt, if this guarantees more seasons for HIMYM, I'll be more than happy!
I agree with Pollaxt and Irrel as well.

and pollaxt is right, I'd take it even further though. I would say that HIMYM is the best sitcom ever. Definitely provides the most lulz.
Well CBS doesn't directly profit from this, but 20th might lower the licensing fee to keep it going. Ratings seem to be doing pretty well at the moment, so probably a moot point for now.
Not a huge fan of Lifetime. I think the only thing I've watched on that channel in the last few years was Amber Benson's movie, so this is a HUGE step in the right direction.

Was it Oxygen of Lifetime that re-ran Ellen? I missed it the first time around, and I didn't know Bruce Campbell had a role in the show.
Well, this is great for someone like me who's been wanting to catch up!
I'm almost jealous, UnpluggedCrazy, getting to watch a lot of HIMYM for the first time :). Except that, y'know, I already did that, so jealousy makes no actual sense whatsoever ;).
I've never seen an ep all the way through. I can't sit through it.
I (generally) have an intense dislike for sitcoms, but if they cut the laugh track, I'd give it a try. For NPH who is one of the funniest actors ever (something I just discovered via Dr. Horrible, as I don't watch sitcoms), and Aly.
But dead serious, the laugh track is a deal breaker.
oops, double post.

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I actually don't mind a laugh track that much. Usually I don't even notice it's there (thinking about any specific HIMYM scène, I honestly couldn't tell you if there was edited-in laughter there from just memory), unless someone reminds me or unless something takes me out of the story. And even if I do notice, it doesn't detract from wether or not a story is good and/or funny in itself. But, obviously, YMMV :)
I think it grates more with HIMYM that they can't even use the old "Our actors perform better with an audience present" since the show is filmed first, then shown to an audience (and their reactions recorded)

That said, at least this method means that after each joke they don't have to stand there grinning like idiots while they wait for the laughter to stop.
A laugh track is, by definition, pre-recorded laughter inserted by an editor. Showing the tape before astudio audience for live responses is not a laugh track.

"Don't go into that storage closet, a can of laughter burst open!"
Laugh tracks do tend to bother me, but if the show is good enough, I will get over it.

And there is no way I could ever discount the decades' worth of excellent sitcoms from when the laugh track was the norm (something that didn't seem to be changing until, what, the late 90's).

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