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September 25 2008

Evil League of Evil Now Seeking New Evil. ELoE application process is up and running. You have until October 11th.

I only just now noticed your tags. Is there an Internet acronym for laughing while gagging?
Crap. I didn't take Latin. Does that mean something like "seriously bad guys"?
This is superb. Time to get out the keyboard and start composing, I guess.
Lollygag = laughing and gagging aimlessly?
Can't wait to see everyone's entries. I may even have a go myself.
"We're evil, not stupid" HAHA!

Can I submit mine in Spanish? heh.
Sunfire - Yup. That's essentially it. "Seriously not good men," says my rusty Latin memory.
If only I had some faith in my ability to think of something suitably clever.
I make a mean upside down crumble cake.
Ok, I now have the E.L.E. crest printed out next to my PhD in Horribleness on my work wall. Maybe my co-workers will be scared of me now (if they weren't freaked out by my geekiness to begin with).
Of course, I will be applying, and I have much evil work to do before I can rest easy.

I am so happy to finally see a logo/insignia/crest for the ELoE, I can't tell you - although I would, of course, like to know if this is the actual one used on the letterhead in the show, but that's a minor point.

The way I read its symbology, it says something like, "A horse with feathers and/or that can fly is spectacularly evil, like on an atomic level or to a nuclear degree." And the color scheme just screams evil, evil, evil.

I'm in. And I'll keep to my policy of "I ain' saying nuttin' 'til my application's safely in."
The one on the letterhead looks much less ornate and far more like just a horseshoe with some stuff in it.
omg omg omg. I've been thinking about this for months. I've got a few good names/origins/shtick but now the pressure is on!!! Just 2 weeks to get it together.

Lack of funny is my only weakness.

Cute, cookies!
It translates to "Seriously Bad Dudes". :P

(Well, it's better than "seriously not-good men".)

I'm The Gamut, and I may or may not have caused the chaos ensuing the town where I live right now (Oxford, MS). Just the mere chance I may have caused it is enough to get me into the ELE.

(It can't be because of the might-be debates. Those are being held in University, MS 38677 and not Oxford. Right?)
My 14 year old son has a truly awesome idea, if he/we can pull it off... keep your hooves crossed for him! ;-)
*rubs hands together in gleeful anticipation*

These are going to be good. Evil, I mean. Can't wait to see 'em!
Ok, now I have got to do this. I won't be able not to do it. I am seriously one very bad man. One very bad and evil man.
I hate when somebody else gets to the Latin before I do. It makes me feel like a failure as a Latin teacher. (Especially as I was trying to translate it, "Not Good Guys. Seriously." Which isn't at all as fun as TheGamut's translation.) OzLady, I'd love to see your young'un's stuff.

I really want to enter myself, but I'm wondering about the safety of being a teacher, putting an ELE video on the interwebs, and if it would be a THING.

This is what it means to be a teacher, folks.
I will try, but I don't have any hope to get into the dvd. Already heard so many good ideas, and Whedon fans tend to be sooo talented that my chances are low...
but I'm wondering about the safety of being a teacher

Evil is like the hawk. Sometimes it must go hooded.

Or use sock puppets?
It's not 'bad'. It translates to 'not good', which I think is the joke. Seriously not good men.

If it meant 'bad men' I think it would use a form of 'mal'.

Which I think y'all should know the meaning of at this point.
Yes, Mal means awesome! Also, hell yeah, I could translate that, wow, 7 years of Latin education finally paid off!
Yes! I have been checking the site everyday to find out when submissions are open. I'm ready. Gosh darnit, I'm going to be in the ELoE.
Can't wait! I told my roommate about the applications back in July and she said she had an idea, that may or may not involve cloaks.... plus, she's a writing major and another of my good friends (who also loves Dr. Horrible) is a composition major. We can be a trio!
I was hoping Kiba might be lurking, and I hoped to possibly be "corrected," to validate Latin teachers' inherent value. ;)

Seriously? Those Latins could've learned a thing or two about punctuation.
MaxSummers--dont feel that way! The more WHEDONesque you expose yourself to, the more clever you become...well maybe not but it's a nice thought.

In terms of ideas...they're everywhere. Even your current handle, MaxSummers. You could present your application as Max Summers, the man that hates winter to a fault...your evil plan is to get rid of all cold weather! You know this whole "global warming" thing? You did that.

There. You're in the ELOE.

(Edited for grammar)

[ edited by alexreager on 2008-09-25 22:03 ]
Sigh, no video equipment, so my client War-hog, the Nietzchean Super-Pig, is debarred. To quote Bucolic Buffalo, "sigh-um."
Wait, do we haveta sing? I thought we only needed the name and the costume and the video telling of our evilosity.... I never thought that singing would be a requirement!
If I were to sing i'd be an evil shoe-in. They'd probably assume I was killing a cat or something ;).
No video camera, but I came up with "Smug Pigeon". Basically, he would strut around, and ruin any "good" events like Penny's homeless shelter announcement. He was also going to do what pigeons always do to Bad Horse's and the rest of the ELoE plans, but that wouldn't be suitable for a young audience. Plus, I think Bad Horse would put him under his hoof in a heartbeat.

But if I ever start a rock band, I've got a name.
I dunno. I think you should go with the evil electric blanket. :)
It doesn't say singing is a requirement. The point is that anything you use (in terms of song or design) must be original, not owned by someone else.
Ha! One of my first ideas was to take my online persona of "QuoterGal" and make it "EvilQuoterGal" and do evil quoting-deeds - like mis-attributing quotes and going on and on boring people with obscure and irrelevant quotes, and then I remembered that I do that already.


Luckily, I had not run out of ideas, and thought of something - hopefully -better. In fact, I have extras, so for an exorbitant fee, I'm happy to help any fellow w-esquer come up with their own not-as-cool-as-mine ideas.

I add my voice to the chorus telling maxsummers & anyone else that needs to hear it that they should definitely not be intimidated by the talent on w-esque and bag doing an application. There are a lot of creative folks on here, but please do not assume they will be any cleverer than you. If I listened to that voice, I would also skip doing one altogether myself, and that would just be wrong.

*wants to see everybody's ELoE characters right now.*
Wow, they really don't give much time. I gotta get started fast!
*Sigh* No video equipment, but it's okay. I don't think being extremely bitchy and sarcastic and plotting to blow up and/or take a chainsaw to my bosses at least once a day would qualify me anyway. And if I tried to sing, the military would snatch me up and send me to Iraq as a weapon of mass destruction.
Okay. I just got a great idea. Must submit.

(Must find someone willing to let me use their camera first, though...)
haha thanks alexreager and QuoterGal!

I'll do the video. Already got the idea and the name and all, not so good but, I'll do it for the fun...

And your idea was actually funny alexreager! lol
But I'll stick to mine, 'cause I already have the costume *which is only a t-shirt, really, but anyway...*
Hell, even Captain Hammer's costume was really just a t-shirt and gloves.
Ack. Only two weeks. I have a friend I usually do very low-key, amateur video productions with (the most recent of which, a trailer for a tournament we were organising, is located here, starring a couple of our volleybal friends ;)), but I haven't even begun thinking about an idea or asking people I know to help out or anything like that. It may just be too short a time period, especially since I'm also in the middle of another video project (another hobby project), which has a deadline in three weeks.

Guess I'll see tomorrow if I can fit this in somehow, the next two weeks. But even if I can't, I'm totally looking forward to everyone else's entries. Ouh, and does this by any chance mean we get to see what a lot of you look like in real life? :)
b!X, that's true! Hadn't thought about that...

Oh, and I'm glad singing is not a requirement. 'Cause that would be... a disaster.
But maxsummers, so much fun could be had watching random whedonesquers trying to sing. In fact, we should widen te net and hold a competition where people audition who have never sung before. We could make it into a television show, and could then air the worst auditions just for laughs (maybe we should add some good ones to keep up the appearance we're doing it for love of music). We could call it 'popstars' or 'objects of our affection' or something. I think it might be a total hit.

ETchange an 'a' into a 'u', because 'fan could be had' just sounds wrong.

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This is utterly marvelous. If only I weren't nightly exhausted (and actually owned the technology to make a video). If I were to do it, and since there isn't enough time to write my own ditties, I would probably call myself something like Toxic Lyric, because I would totally sing snatches from Once More With Feeling and Dr. Horrible, boasting I wrote them and also stole all the royalties. {{{Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil}}}
I've been plotting with my roommate all evening!!!!! We definitely have some good ideas going here... a secret lair and everything *evil cackle*

We were also thinking, the winners (if there aren't too many of them) should get the Bad Horse chorus sent to them to deliver their acceptance letters! Or maybe at least a phone call from them? How friggin cool would that be?

ETA for a touch of reality

[ edited by fuffybaby18 on 2008-09-26 03:21 ]
My supervillain alter ego would be The Spoiler. No time to apply due to non-fic video commitment (unless Fake Thomas Jefferson's willing to share the slimelight with Real Richard Nixon.)
Two weeks?! Jeezers. It's a good thing I started working on lyrics a bit early. Though I didn't finish anything because I wanted to know what the rules were. Now that I know them, I wish I had done more. I have a really good idea (don't we all?), but my musical talent isn't all that wonderful... Wish me luck!

*pushes all other applicants down a well to exhibit evilosity*
All I have to do is sing on video and I'd be a shoo in. My voice alone is evil.
There's a couple up on YouTube already, here and here.
OMG, I loved Vampire 180! Don't fear him however...

I do fear Hel's breath though. ;P
I loved Vampire 180!

It's funny how it was kind of exciting to hear it reveal itself as a musical entry.
I like how it says "Yes, this is the real site" in fine print at the bottom.
I like how Vampire-180 has the old interim version of the site up on his monitor.
And that his song sounds like it would fit on DrH SAB. Plus the references to songs from DrH SAB also endeared it to me. Early front runner!
He really got the satire feeling of DHSAB, plus some real emotion.
unless Fake Thomas Jefferson's willing to share the slimelight with Real Richard Nixon.

That's not the Real Richard Nixon ('s head) from Futurama, I hope, cause you don't want to mess with the Fox intellectual property people.
Wow, those two entries are already very impressive! There's quite a few more on youtube right now I saw, but none as good as those two (although, to be fair, I've not watched them all).

So, any whedonesquers among these early entries?
Ok, I just had an idea, and it's going to be kinda cheesy. But it will be fun to submit it.
Maybe they'll list the submissions that didn't pass later on, so everybody can watch the videos from everyone online.
Yeah, or everyone could post their links in this topic and maybe it could get sidebar status. Or, alternatively, use .org for linkage. I'm dying to see what my fellow whedonesquers come up with :).
Seriously thinking of becoming "PerniciousSlug" here. What fun to be had!

ETA: I guess applications end up here.

[ edited by MysticSlug on 2008-09-26 13:47 ]
MysticSlug, thank you so much for this link! I love this! Now I'm going to waste the entire morning watching all of this (Maurissa is talking in a 'posh English accent! squeee)!!... wait, this isn't Maurissa...
(I'm getting confused).

[ edited by embers on 2008-09-26 15:30 ]

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That's not Maurissa, no. That's worldofhiglet, who's been doing those vids for a few weeks now.

And while I don't know the plan, all the videos will have attention called to them in some fashion, I'm led to believe.

ETA that a number of application-type videos have been on YouTube for some time now, but that doesn't necessarily mean they've actually been submitted.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-09-26 16:29 ]
Act VI of the Applications Processing Office videos FTW, just for the hat alone.
I don't know if I'll be able to get something written and shot and edited before the deadline, but I'm going to try. I have plans. Evil evil plans. And a wig!

And Pointy, I'm sorry to say that The Spoiler is already taken by a DC Comics hero.
So you just spoiled his plan to be The Spoiler ? You ... Meta-Spoiler !
Does DC's have the cloaking power of Invisotext? Can he ruin your favorite program? Are you strangely drawn to him in a way you know you should resist, but find it difficult to?
I've now seen two posts online saying the ELE is blocked for some people by Internet filtering software installed on their computers or networks. Sucks for them, but I find it amusing. One says it was blocked under "Malicious Sites".
I emailed Pointy asking for permission to make The Spoiler happen, and he gave the goahead.

Even though there is a DC comics character named Spoiler, I think I can work around it.

- Andrea
/hopefully evil
/evilly hopeful
Luckily my internet connection embraces the Evil League of Evil and promotes the criminal underground of the Mutant Enemy! Unfortunately I suspect I'm only a henchman, or worse... a side kick.
Lowdown on DC Comics' Spoiler. She's occasionally an interesting character.
It was blocked at the school where I work. Hi-larious.
There's a bunch of social bookmarking/networking links at the bottom of the site now.
ELE contest on Attack of the Show.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-09-27 06:08 ]
Only 30 diggs. That's not right.
I just finished my lyrics today. It took me about four days longer to write them than I expected. And now it's time to do EVERYTHING ELSE.

This is harder than I thought it'd be.
This is harder than I thought it'd be.

Evil is "easy" spelled the hard way.

Wait, what?
I've had the lyrics down for a bit. I've got the tune basically down, may need a few little tweaks, but I think I'll be ready to record tomorrow. Wish me luck!

*pushes the people who climbed out of the well back in*

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