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September 25 2008

Original Sugarshock art for sale. Fabio Moon and his brother Gabriel Ba have put up some of their original comic book art for sale. They post about it here: "Finally, original Art for sale!". The first link goes directly to the sale page.

Whoa! Um, okay, I am obviously not the intended market. Are those normal prices for original comic art?
Cassaday's AXM artwork was dearer from what I remember.
Yeah they're not crazy insane prices, you could buy cheaper art, maybe even from more recognised artists if you shopped around or got lucky at auction but you can also pay a lot more - covers by big names like Alex Ross can go for thousands of dollars (especially if they're painted).
But you can't have The Saddest Song in the World page, because I own that one. ;)
Hmph. *steals it* :P
Check out the link to Gabriel's stuff, too. Some of the available pages for Umbrella Academy are wicked.
I'd buy this one. It's so pretty.
I'd totally prefer bix's page to the ones on sale there, nice though they are. But then again, I don't have to worry about buying/not buying them, because I totally don't have the money to spare :).
Seems like reasonable prices for artwork to me.

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