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September 25 2008

(SPOILER) On Location with a Doll. Spoilerish fun details about the episode of Dollhouse that's being filmed as you read this.

Also our influence now extends to Fox. Ha.

I found that to be very xxxx, and I loved the xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx.
Well it's nice to hear they're getting to shoot somewhere scenic.
Hot XXXX action ! Shouldn't that have a NSFW tag ?
Quick, set the Whedon XXXXX Meter to XXXXXXXXX!
But whatever you do, don't X the streams !
My guess for the last word is 'crap.'
A 7-letter name could be Langton. I don't think 7 letters could be any other character that we know so far. Which leaves open characters we don't know, like someone with last name Freeman.

ETA: Although, would Boyd ever be outside doing something like that with an Active?

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Maybe there is a character called xxxxxxx? Vin Diesel played xxx. This guy is over two times as bad.

It's not that difficult to pronounce, the third X is silent.
Wait a minute. Could this mean there's going to be a Dollhouse X-men cross-over? :P
Riverbank wilderness? So I guess it's not the LA River.
Are there no places where the LA river's actually in the woods then ? I know it mainly runs down that big manky concrete thing but I always assumed that at some point it'd have to leave the city.
Ha! I told you!
Here's a virtual tour of the LA River:

Some areas have more plants than others, but "wilderness" would be quite a stretch. (I think "400 miles of concrete-lined tributaries" gives you the idea.)

[ edited by jcs on 2008-09-25 23:29 ]
Is there a Santa something River? Maybe they're doing a dastardly deed somewhere else. Or having a picnic ('food' fits too! ;)
Looks like Fox is playing Mad-Libs with us.
Ah-hah! Santa Ynez River -- maybe Los Padres National Forest. :)
That may be the weirdest link ever. Whedonesque Thursday? Do we have our own special day of the week now?
But being mentioned on the Fox site, all of the good (along with a whole truck load of irony) :)
Yup, see Them, Grease, and/or Terminator 2. That's where they do all their important monster and/or car chases!
And the space shuttle landing in The Core. Yes, I know that The Core is horrific in terms of science, but that sequence was excellent.
There's a number of references in the season premier of Life to the river without water.

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