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August 16 2002

Radio Buffy. All Buffy, all day, bands and score in streaming audio.

Love the score, but just how many awful guitar bands can a show boast of?

I always wondered why Cibo Matto wasn't on the Buffy soundtrack when it was released. They were on the show during season 2 during the Buffy/Xander dance.
Yay! This is wonderful! Pro, you always find the best stuff!
Excellent! I found their website and am presently in the MIRC channel, although it's kinda dead in there. Great collection of music! Some months back I explored and man! The list of music that's been featured on BtVS is some of the best stuff of the past decade. Just in the past few minutes:

Lotion - West Of Here [5:13] - 307 - Revelations
Bellylove - Back To Freedom [3:17] - 301 - Anne
Curve - Chinese Burn [4:28] - 314 - Bad Girls
Moby - Bodyrock [3:36] - 407 - The Initiative

Can't go wrong there.
It's the bands that usually play at the Bronze that bore me. Not into (American) guitar bands at all. Have always preferred the music on Angel, especially the first season.
"It's the bands that usually play at the Bronze that bore me. Not into (American) guitar bands at all."

Ack! *clutches chest* I'm mortally wounded! Wars have been started over less painful words than these, Prolific. Blimey!

There's nothing inherently wrong with any American guitar bands. ...Well okay most American guitar bands... but the problem bands are a problem not because of the guitars or because of their being American. Some individuals who happen to be American, IN American guitar bands, happen to suck. A vast majority of those I have heard in Buffy don't fall into that sucking category.
Heh. No, I just don't like (most) guitar rock. It's a thing. I'll take Dingoes ate my baby (Four Star Mary, is it?) as an example, that's the kind of music that really leaves me cold. That whole scene with 30 year olds in shorts playing stuff that'll sell to the kids? Ugh.

R.E.M. is guitar rock too, I suppose. I love them, most of the time.

But anyway.. topic... the dark, gothicy, trip hop stuff they had on Angel in Season 1? That was excellent. Also... Cibo Matto on Buffy was excellent in that scene. The McLachlan tracks are treacly, tearjerk stuff, but it works. There are one or two more gothic type tunes in Buffy that I've liked in the context of the series.

I've never understood why they haven't used this tune yet on AtS.
I wrote the Buffy people once about using The Vampire Song by The Touch but they never wrote me back. =)
I've been listening to this station on and off for a few hours at a time for a few days now. The thing that irks me about it is that, while I love the Buffy music seen in context of the show, apart it doesn't mix together well.

The rock-y Bronze-type music doesn't appeal to me much (like you, prol), but especially doesn't in this somewhat distorted streaming format. Mixed in between is Buffy score music, which is often slow, dramatic, or depressing. Occasionally is the Sarah McLachlan-esque tear-jerker.

And the slow scores and tear-jerkers throw me back into some WB-induced teen-angst drama mood.

I was happy to hear some Nikka Costa in the mix.

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