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September 26 2008

Kool thing: Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon loves Buffy. That's just awesome.

Big Kim fan here, that made my morning.

From the interview: "Thereís this new BBC show, Skins, thatís pretty good."

Is Skins showing on BBC America? My parents (who, like me, are American; I just happen to live in the UK) think that the BBC is amazing because BBC America shows good stuff from all the channels.

On-topic: nice Buffy mention!
Reason #383 why Kim Gordon is awesome.
Skins is indeed showing on BBC America. Now if only BBC America would start their HD channel, I'd be all set.
A bit of trivia: Zeena Parkins is the harpist who worked with Bjork on the fantastic, 'Vespertine'.

The first time Skins was discussed in a thread here, I checked it out, and a few days later ordered the R2 box set from and pre-ordered s2 the week after :)
I have discs by Mori, whiom I love, and tons by Sonic Youth. Kim Gordon is my idea of a really talented and sexy 50yo- and now I find she loves Buffy as well. Well, whoot!
OT: Skins is not a BBC programme yet is shown on BBC America (along with other non-BBC programmes). That is a pretty cunning move by BBC America to make folks think that all their programming is from the BBC. This is only effective for the BBC if the programmes on BBC America are good, of course.
Does anyone know if Skins is showing in Canada? One of the actors (Dev Patel) was the lead in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire, that won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Kim Gordon is my idea of a really talented and sexy 50yo- and now I find she loves Buffy as well. Well, whoot!

I find it wonderful that my two favourite musical Kims (the other one being Ms Deal) both love Buffy. I saw Sonic Youth back in the early 90s, Kim Gordon has stage presence like no other (PJ Harvey comes a close second then Kurt).
That's kind of freaking awesome.
Yeah I was going to say (regarding the two Kims), that I believe I have a version of the Breeders doing the Buffy theme song, though I don't know if it's real, since a voice would be needed to confirm it absolutely. Though the music sure sounds like them. Both Kims are and always will be hot, and for me, the runners-up are Paz (A Perfect Circle, Zwan), Amanda Tannen (stellastarr), and Miss Harvey. Though the first two are in a different age bracket.

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Kate Bush! 50 and still a looker. And the unknown but beautiful Isabelle Feuillebois.
The Breeders version of the theme is on the Radio Sunnydale CD. They used to do the theme during their live sets (maybe they still do).
Just another reason to love her, if being so creative and together and the glue on albums like Sister, Goo, Daydream Nation and Washing Machine isn't enough. It's so neat her daughter turned her on to Buffy. With her connections to the cutting edge of art and music in NYC, it's kind of comforting that there was at least one cool thing in the culture that she didn't already know about.

Coincidentally, I've been exploring No Wave lately through a new friend's music collection, which allowed me the little thrill of actually knowing who DNA is. If you're interested in that period of music (and the poetry and other visual/audio elements it encompasses, both past and current) this site is worth checking out.

I'm also a fan of the wonderful Kate Bush, Dana5140 -- a groundbreaking female artist who's still doing her own unique, amazing thing. Her last album Aerial didn't make it out of my car's CD player for most of the year after it came out.

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