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September 27 2008

Joss' Oscar-nominated Toy Story named 99th greatest movie. Empire's readers and experts vote Toy Story, the movie for which Joss was nominated for a writing Oscar, the 99th greatest movie of all time, "a storytelling of wit and humanity that translated to seemingly everyone alive."

I expected to see it on the list but that it made it into the top 100 is nice. :)

Did Toy Story win the writing Oscar? I just checked IMdB , and it lists Christopher McQuarrie as winning that year for The Usual Suspects.

Which only seems just: Toy Story's great, but The Usual Suspects is ridiculously brilliant.

ETA: Glad Toy Story is so high on the list, though--it certainly deserves it.

[ edited by kyrumption on 2008-09-27 21:19 ]
Yeah, Toy Story didn't win, but it was nominated.
Dang it, I should know better than to not fact check. :(
Still, wish to give Joss a congrats on this award.
It landed between North by Northwest (98) and Network (100).
Distinguished Company indeed...
Serenity made the list, too, at 383.
Yes, it was already posted.
It is encouraging, though, that a Movie a lot of people want to
characterize as a Box Office "flop" should end up at #383. :)
Toy Story dominates The Usual Suspects any day of the week. ;-)
Not a big fan of this list, although it seems most great movies I know got significant recognition, so I suppose I'm alright. It's just so many of the movies there don't really deserve their places in my opinion. The Dark Knight, for one, is far too high.
Kinda surprised this has stayed (it's exactly the same list as was posted last week about 'Serenity' being there at 383). Always nice to see the peeps acknowledged though.

Apart from that, what I said last time ;).
Dearest cabri, it's okay.

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