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September 27 2008

The Emmys have big problems. Luckily EW has solutions! And one of these solutions involves NPH.

David Boreanaz is also mentioned. If you saw the Emmys you can probably guess why!

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Wow, he looks upset. Did the girl standing next to him (I forget her name and don't want to bother looking it up) send his son to Qu'ortoth or something?
Uh, it was Lauren Conrad, and I still don't understand why she's so special. It would have been great if SMG was there with David. Now THAT would be a reunion we'd all be happy to see.
But I agree Neil Patrick Harris should host the Primetime Emmys. He hosted the Creative Arts Emmys, the technical awards, with Sarah Chalke. That was on E! the night before, and he was incredible. He did a bit with Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, that just killed. I'm still mad the Emmys wouldn't let Hugh Laurie of House host because people may be confused by his real accent.
I don't buy that dumping movie/mini-series from the broadcast is a solution to anything other than broadcast TV's frail ego. Also, note to Popwatch: They tried a viewer's choice "award" this year -- and then failed to air the results.
I too was surprised at how miserable David Boreanaz looked at the Emmys. I mean, I know I would be if I had to present with Lauren Conrad, but I didn't know if he would care much.
cabridges' ideas are better.
It was a very funny article and DB would have every right to be thinking those thoughts but I think he was just in 'serious mode' as a 1st time presenter on an awards show this big and didn't want to mess it up. Also he didn't get through the whole thing without cracking one of is trademark oh so warm smiles.
I hope that's exactly what he was thinking and intending but he was probably just trying to be a pro, possibly with some guy frantically winding his hand down off camera.

For myself I think they should vet all the acceptance speeches ahead of time so they can alternate a really worthy but dull one with a funny one from e.g. Laurie/Gervais/Stewart/Colbert etc.
Poor David- see, if he'd been his usual flirtatious, exuberant self, he would have been criticized for trying to hit on his co-presenter and for not having treated the occasion with due gravitas.

Indeed, I'd like to see anyone look comfortable while being shoved next to person they've probably never met, reading lines they haven't seen, knowing they're in standing before a world-wide audience and an arena full of potential employers. (Add a bit of nudity and it's just about every nightmare I've ever had. Mine, I mean, not David's, 'cos THAT one is a dream and it's quite welcome!))

impalergeneral, I so *heart* the idea of DB and Sarah presenting together. How tissue worthy would it have been to have them present Joss with the 'Greatest Drama Moment' award, as won in the sadly neglected viewer voting poll?

Still, unless Dollhouse features prominently in the noms, I won't be tuning in next year. You know what they say about 'Fool me twice'...
I love that pic of DB with that moron! He looks SO uncomfortable! I could just eat him up!
And who doesn't think they should can that whole "reality show host" bugaboo? That was a bonafide fiasco. So Johnny Snow.
Plus, NPH as host? Shut the front door! That would be amazing! I didn't catch the broadcast of the Creative Arts Emmys, but my friend's sister was there (she works for Technicolor and her team was nominated) and said he was HI-larious, but also so classy.
Neil Patrick Harris hosting with goggles would have been excellent.

Anyone wonder how "Recount" could have won so many awards, but not one for Danny Strong - who initiated the whole production?

The Emmys are completely bogus. They tend to reward mediocrity and the dumbing-down of the audience. They have categories for "reality" tv, yet pass over intelligent shows like Battlestar Galactica, Buffy and anything by Joss Whedon (even WHEN it's nominated as Joss was for "Once More With Feeling").

End rant. Next up: Who's gay?
You know, I really like CABridges' suggestions, bix. Good stuff. If I ran the Emmys, I have a feeling that's how I'd do it. And the Oscars too. The problem is that I don't run the Emmys. Or the Oscars. So I don't do it that way. And neither do they. By which I mean both the Emmys and the Oscars. And you know, the Grammys too. And the Tonys. I hate awards shows in general...I don't know if that's coming across clearly...

Sincerely, from someone who has missed every major awards show since 2004 (and counting)...
Nebula 1400, Danny Strong's script was up against John Adams which was picking up a lot of awards for best Mini-Series. If they had seperate Best Screenplay categories for mini-series and dramatic movie, which they did ten years ago, Danny could have had a better chance. Still, he helped make a good movie, the kind the major networks used to make before hugging reality shows a bit too tightly.
My point, though indirect, was that after all is said and done, the writers get short shrift in the awards category. I don't think it was a conspiracy or anything like that against Danny per se. Emmy celebrates reality TV, and the hosts of such tripe, but the writers have to share categories with different kinds of productions, and even though they are often the initiators of award-winning productions, they often get shut out.

I watched the Emmys for the first time in decades last week, but only because the TV was on when it came on, and none of the shows I wanted to watch were on. I don't think I'll be watching them again for a very long... ever.
cabridges entire scenario was brilliant. But hell will freeze over before award shows dispense with the celebrity presenters to present the celebrity presenters, all of whom are obliged to exchange strained, scripted banter.
And the most disgusting development of recent years is the inclusion of reality show "celebrities". All together now ...... eeewwwww.

If they're going to bump anything over to the Technical Achievement awards, it should be the reality shows (sorry techie guys). On the other hand, they don't belong there anymore than they belong in the general entertainment categories because hey, .... not entertaining.

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