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September 27 2008

Toronto After Dark screens Repo! Toronto After Dark Film Festival screens Repo (And many other "eagerly awaited" sci-fi, horror, action and cult movies) next month. (Repo! stars, in case anyone's forgotten, one Anthony Stewart Head.)

From TAD's site: "In its first wave of film titles revealed for 2008, Toronto After Dark Film Festival is proud to announce a selection of eight outstanding new horror, sci-fi, action and cult feature films that will have their Toronto Theatrical Premieres at the festival this October 17-24. The initial lineup includes a number of critically acclaimed and award-winning films from around the world including the much-anticipated new sci-fi horror musical REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, Sundance selection revenge thriller RED based on Jack Ketchumís novel, cult horror action movie TOKYO GORE POLICE, celebrated vampire feature LET THE RIGHT ONE IN which won Best Picture at the Tribeca Film Festival, and Oscar-nominated animator Bill Plymptonís dark and twisted modern fairytale, IDIOTS & ANGELS."

Repo! will also be screened in other theaters - see their site ( for the list of theaters and dates.

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And this is relevent to Whedonesque how?
electricspacegirl Ummm...'cause Tony's in it. See, up there in my tags, where it says "ASH"?

We were just talking about it in another thread, and someone mentioned that it'll only be shown in "select" theaters in the States. I got the link from Tony's site, and posted the relevant information here, including a link to TAD's site so folks in the area can see if there might be other movies they'd be interested in seeing.
For the first time ever, I'm sorry I don't live in Toronto.
It screened here in Halifax, at the Atlantic Film Festival, just over a week ago. Of course I only noticed two days after the fact. Argh.
Ordered my ticket on Thursday. Actually, they were supposed to be available Wednesday and the site kept postponing the time. I panicked when they finally became available - while I was on the way home from work. But I got my order.
Woohoo! Ordered and highly anticipated! Yay!
"It screened here in Halifax, at the Atlantic Film Festival, just over a week ago. Of course I only noticed two days after the fact. Argh."

CURSES! I knew I should have checked out the film festival a bit more.
For the first time ever, I'm sorry I don't live in Toronto.


I got my tickets on Thursday, too. Can't wait!
Y'all're gonna have to let us Southerners (That is to say, Staties.) know how it is when you get back.

I most likely won't get to see it - when Imagine Me & You came out it played in ONE theater in Wisconsin, an arts theater in Madison. Fortunately I was able to go down that weekend & my friends & I went. Not sure they were too impressed - I'd sorta left out the part about Luce being a woman. I loved it, though. So much so I bought it as soon as it came out on DVD. I'm like that. (Funny aside - when I told Tony at MotorCityBuffy that I'd bought I'll Be There from the bargain bin in Walmart, w/out having seen it first, he said "I'm sorry.")
I liked "I'll Be There" but it was probably because it's the only way I'd ever see Joss Ackland in leather pants.
redeem147 OMG! Too funny!

I just recently rewatched Lethal Weapon 2 and was surprised to see him as the bad guy. Many moons ago, that was. Arjen Rudd, from South Africa.

I've seen IBT so many times I can randomly quote it.

"Bloody hell. Digger McQuade. I thought you were dead."

"Greatest Greatest Hits."

"Why? Is her name Nessie?" "Yes. Yes it is, actually. Nessie McDonald."

"Mind you this thing's a bit scary. Feel like I got a dead animal over me tadger." "It's called a sporan."

Have you watched the deleted scenes? There's one of Tony on an elliptical machine, reading the paper & smoking. In jeans & a sweater.

But the commentary is priceless - it's Craig or someone. But the comments Craig makes...mooning the cast, stuffing the stunt double's shirt, accentuating his love handles...

Oh, and the out-takes are good, too. Only one slip-up from Tony, though.

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