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September 28 2008 talks "Drones". The Louisiana based magazine has a nice little piece about this movie, directed by Amber Benson and Adam Busch, and starring Jonathan Woodward.

Thanks to Amber for telling us about this article!

I didn't know about this project. Who could resist such a Whedony thing? Yay for Amber, Adam & Jonathan!
Same here, I haven't heard of this latest project by Amber.

Can anyone confirm please?
Amber told them about the article, isn't that confirmation enough? Heh.
It filmed in May/June (and was posted here at the time). They're almost finished cutting it together (I talked to Amber about it at Collectormania in the UK today).

There's a little info here on the Louisiana Media Productions site.

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Aliens trapped in a Dilbert world? I am there, dude! I'd like to know when this will be released. That is SO much better of an idea than "My Best Friend's Girl".

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I would like to know a bit more about it. Please spill your beans!
She didn't tell us a whole lot about the plot - what's in that article is as much as I know to be honest! We did post what info we got from her here. (Apologies for the self-link, I believe it's okay in comments? If not I'll edit.)
You can self link to your own stuff in the comments if it's relevant. So that's not a problem.
Thanks Simon, I thought that was the case :)
After a recent Common Rotation (the band Adam Busch is in) performance, Amber Benson (there as an audience member) and Mr. Busch both verbally confirmed that they co-directed "Drones" and sounded like they really enjoyed the experience. In fact, if you get the CD of the most recent Common Rotation Hotel Cafe concert, you can hear Adam Busch say, "I just spent a month in Louisiana and Eric [his Common Rotation band partner Eric Kufs] wrote this song about it -- he's that good!" Actually, Mr. Kurs wrote the song, "All Smiles," a few years ago and it's been part of the Common Rotation repertoire ever since -- it's about the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the region. In any case, if you go to a Common Rotation show, Mr. Busch seems quite happy to talk about the movie (*after* the Common Rotation performance, of course), and if you go to a Common Rotation show at the M Bar in Hollywood (which usually occurs once a month), Mark Evan Jackson, who is part of the stage show, "The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour," that precedes the Common Rotation performance and is also in "Drones," seems quite happy to talk about the movie also.

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