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"Oh no. Is that dragon thing behind me?"
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September 28 2008

Serenity's ship seal up for sale ...sort of....

A lovely piece of fan art.

Indeed. It's very Kaylee.
If I had an asain themed room it would look great...wouldn't even know it was scifi fan art!
What do the Chinese (I assume) characters mean? "Serenity"? (I've always wondered. Sorry if this is common knowledge!)
I've always assumed it was Serenity too.
There are two Chinese Phrases that I know of that approximate our word "Serenity", and this is the one that was used in the film. -At least that's what I've heard said, on other sites.
Actually, the kanji is left to right in the movie and top to bottom in the TV show. I love it either way.
I badly want an actual Kaylee umbrella.
VeryVeryCrowded, there's a *Kaylee* on eBay as well. Just do a search for Firefly Serenity and sort by items ending soon. It's has about 2 days left.

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