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"So tell me.. which stage of grieving is this?"
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September 28 2008

Jane Espenson proclaims Emmys wonderful! Well, sort of... Jane attended the ceremony, and talks about some of the wonderful things that did happen that night. Also, she shares some extremely interesting advice that she gave Danny Strong about his Recount script...

I am sooo jealous!! I wish I met Stephen Colbert!
Woo! I'm now one degree away from Steven Colbert!
Where was Danny, anyway? I was looking forward to seeing him there.
lol @ "Howie Mandel apologizing to everyone." I guess NPH was the first? ;)

Danny so should've won! Emmy peeps really need to get their "act" together not to mention their categories. I'm still pissed that they put the camera everywhere but at him when the others spoke praises, if I hadn't memorized DS from years of being a fan, I would've missed the brief glances of him. :(

And yay for Colbert, next stop Stewart!

ETA: Yes, Danny was there, Rusty. You can see the quick caps I made just now here. *grrr*

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I so envy her meeting Stephen Colbert!
Well Jane, now you know how excited I felt meeting you. :)

And Joss, of course.

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