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September 28 2008

New Georges Jeanty Interview at Hellmouth Central. In which he talks about the surprises of Season Eight, working with different artists, Angel's "After the Fall," and more.

To view this site properly, you need the frames on... to do so, Click Here, then click on the "Interviews" section on the left hand bar, then click on the button that says "Interview with Georges Jeanty Pt. 2".!

I feel exactly the same way about ATF...

A Buffy Summer Special post-Season 8?? Exciting!!

Yes, so exciting that double punctuation is necessary.
Any questions Georges has about ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL, I'd be more than happy to answer.
We'd love to get you on the site as well Mr. Lynch, if you're ever inclined to do a Q&A!
Brian, you're so cool.
Giles, of all 314 Giles, you are my favorite.
Great interview and great news about the summer special.

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I don't find ATS hard to follow at all. It's been fantastic. :)
Yep. Completely the opposite for me. The Angel and Spike series read fabulously.
Woah, is that a new image from an unseen Buffy/Faith cover in the bottom?
I think that's the cover for Georges' Buffy Sketchbook vol 2.
while I have enjoyed Angel After the Fall, I haven't been crazy about the constant alteration in artists. Franco Urru was okay as the artist, but I was very excited when I found out that Nick Runge was going to be replacing him based on his artwork for the Wesley story in the 'First Night' arc. Yet, when he took over full pencilling duties in #9, his pencils changed dramatically... for the worse. Half of his pages looked rushed, so I was happy that Stephen Mooney was going to take over. I wish he was staying longer then just three issues. His pencils are the best at capturing the likenesses of the characters! At least bring him back for Aftermath in #16
Blimey what a strange comment for Jeanty to come up with.

I have to say I don't find AtF the slightest bit confusing. All I can say is maybe he should take Brian up on his offer the next time he attempts to read an issue. *g*
catinthefray - In case you don't know, Mooney's doing issue #14 as well. (Runge's on 13, and I think Urru's doing 15-17.) Personally, I think all of them can be great artists, but half the time their work looks very rushed and incomplete.

I'm excited about the summer special. I wasn't expecting that.
nope I believe that Mooney is doing #13 as well according to Brian Lynch's blog
Runge on #13? I know the cover says Runge/Messina, but I assumed it was an error. I thought it had been announced that Mooney was on for 12-14.
I was going by the press release (at Comics Continuum, I think), which said Runge. Could be an error.
I'd like to add my two cents, as I was the guy who interviewed Georges for this piece. The intent of this interview was not to upset fans (or certainly the writer) of Angel After the Fall, but it seems to already be the subject of controversy. ..
I feel that we should all respect Mr. Jeanty's point of view, and not criticize him because he doesn't see the book in a perfect light. We need to remember taht even though he is the artist of Season 8, in terms of Angel, he is nothing more than a fan like us, and is entitled to his own opinion, and shouldn't be put on such a high pedestal if we don't agree with him.

As for the confusion to whose the artist on the next couple of issues, COmics COntinuum and TFAW have it written that Runge is the artist, but he stepped down because he couldn't handle the monthly chores as interior artist and was replaced with Mooney.
A random fan's complaints about the comic do not weigh nearly as heavily as Jeanty's; in the latter case, the criticism comes with this VIP Seal of Approval that's really hard to ignore or forgive. After the offense people took at his previous interview/DragonCon comments and at Allie's interview/SlayAlive comments, you'd think they would both learn to be a bit more diplomatic in general.

[ edited by Enisy on 2008-09-29 18:31 ]
Here is the quote: "Iíve been a little confused with the story telling"
What is so "un-diplomatic" about this? It's not like he made an uneducated comment about the global economy or something. He's talking about a work of fiction. People are entitled to their opinion. He may be more well known that you or me for having this high-profile gig, but that doesn't mean he needs to censor himself any less than anyone else.
After the offense people took at his previous interview

As Jon Stewart would say, "Gooooooooooo ooooooonnnnn?"

And in regards to offence in general, 99.9% of the people who buy the comics never read the interviews etc. It's only us who post actively online who take notice of them. And most of us don't get that bothered about them.
I'd really rather not open that can of worms on Whedonesque; LiveJournal is already teeming with them, as it is. But it was in the same spirit as Allie's SlayAlive comments.

I don't think Jeanty meant to offend, in this case, but I do wish someone would point out to him that these kind of comments are potentially offensive, when coming from someone in a position of authority.
Well harking back to the days of when the show was on the air, writers made comments left, right and centre that annoyed one faction or another. It's one of the burdens/joys of fandom. But then we're not in it for the roses, we're in it for the whole experience.
Did writers of one show make negative comments about the other?

Don't answer that. Never mind. Blah.
I think you're doing a good job. If you can persuade IDW to bring back the ribbon for AFT Vol 3, I'll say you're doing an exemplary job :).
Simon with the post of the year!

Thanks man. I think the monthly comic should come with a ribbon.
What's a ribbon?

And I don't think anyone was really freaking out about Georges opinion, just disagreeing. We are allowed to do that right?
I definitely second that call for a ribbon (ye olde style page marker ribbon attached at the top) in the monthly version.
I gotta say, in that fight scene with Giles, Faith & the Warlock? Georges drew Giles perfectly.
Ack! I love S8! I love After the Fall!

I think Jeanty should be allowed to say what he thinks, without censor, as buffycomics said (and nice interview!).

...but I do wish someone would point out to him that these kind of comments are potentially offensive, when coming from someone in a position of authority.

I disagree with every word of that.

Anyway, happier news: Summer special?! Sweet!
i second UnpluggedCrazy.
This is a democratic interview. Regardless of people's positions, they should not have to censor themselves - i do not see in any way how his comments are offensive. People are entitled to their opinions.
We can all agree to disagree, but that doesn't mean we should not be allowed to speak our mind if others don't share our viewpoints
For the record, I'm with Jeanty on that. But then I had the same problem with the last seasons of the tv series.
Okay, let's all just start lying and say we love things even when we dislike them so as to avoid hurting anyone's feelings. Deal?

Seriously though--"potentially offensive"? Is that a joke?

And where is all of this Livejournal drama I keep hearing about??
Okay, let's all just start lying and say we love things even when we dislike them so as to avoid hurting anyone's feelings. Deal?

Not you guys, 'cause... fans. :) It's different with VIPs, as evidenced by the outburst that followed Allie's less-diplomatic comments and now Jeanty's less-diplomatic comments. And no, I wouldn't want anyone to lie, but I would want them to follow Joss's example and try a bit of tact for a change.

And where is all of this Livejournal drama I keep hearing about??

In LiveJournal. ;) But usually locked posts, at least in my part of the fandom.

[ edited by Enisy on 2008-09-29 23:48 ]
I don't see any problem with people disagreeing with Jeanty's opinion (I probably would, myself, if I could get around to reading past issue #2,) but I also don't see any problem with Jeanty's voicing his opinion. I mean, jeeze, it's not like he called Brian a "hack" or the storylines "daft", or anything...
The only thing I don't like about ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL is it's too perfect. Is that weird?
Ha ha! YES! I mean, no! I like ribbons.
Mmm, no, I'd say that makes perfect sense...
I would for the most part have to agree with Mr. Jeanty about his "controversial" statement. I really wasn't a fan of After the Fall until the last two issues. In fact, the last issue of AtF was the first issue was the first time I thought it was better than the Buffy issue that month. What further hurts the storytelling proponent for me is that many people (both readers and the creative team) brag about how well it flows when I think it is often choppy or derailing.
The more I read AtF the more I like it, and I was pretty hyped for it when it first came out, too. Between it and Spike: AtF, I'm getting all that I could've asked for in a new season of Angel.
I've had to read the Angel comics a couple times to understand them fully, sometimes it's just a little confusing the way the dialogue is. Why so many spelling errors in every issue? I've noticed one or two in Buffy, but many in ATF. And I thought First Night was a waste of time....well most of it, I liked Wesley's story.

But wait, compliment time! Angel ATF issues 9 through 12 have really nailed it for me, and issue 12 was much better than Buffy issue 18 the same month. Buffy's kind of lost me since issue 12, and I usually look forward to Angel more because it's consistent with the show, Buffy's getting too big, going overboard, and I've seen out of character moments. I just miss the simple days of Buffy. I'm still a fan of both though, and I only complain because I love.
For the record,Brian said over at the IDW forum that he talked to Georges Jeanty today and everything is cool.

I think this whole thing got blown way out of proportion.
[E]verything is cool

Well thank goodness for that, 'cos I was having trouble finding the part where things weren't. Yes, storm, teacup, etc.
I have even less interest in manufactured writer/artist conflicts than I do in shipper wars.
But how I'd love to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation, just to know what questions Georges asked of Brian!
Wow, I didn't realize anything was blown out of proportion either. Jeanty is a fanboy as much as any other fanboy or girl and he is entitled to any opinion he might have.

I also agree that it's annoying to see the creative team of ATF bragging on a regular basis. I mean, I'm glad IDW has a big hit on their hands and that a lot of people enjoy it, but I think that the complaints that have come forward--from fans and VIP (??) alike--are more than warranted and completely acceptable.
I also agree that it's annoying to see the creative team of ATF bragging on a regular basis.

Bragging??? Care to explain what you mean by that?
In the alt universe Whedonesque, all creative people associated with Joss' work would appear regularly in purple, especially whenever there was a hint of criticism. If someone said Charisma didn't look good in that dress at the premier, she'd get on the blog to say, "Hey, I loved that dress."

On one hand, you're wrong. On another hand, you're named "Buffy the Slayer Layer" so, well, come on.
Why so many spelling errors in every issue? I've noticed one or two in Buffy, but many in ATF.

There really are an awful lot of them for no good reason. Brings me out of the moment every time.
God forbid that they be proud of their work and excited to be doing it. If you've read interviews with Lynch before, you also know that he is prone to both hyperbole and self-deprecation. If you don't like his work, you may find that annoying, if you do like his work, you may find it charming. In any case, everyone's entitled to their opinion; let's try not to bash other people's opinions while expressing our own. Its entirely possible to say "Hey, I found ATF confusing in some parts" in an inoffensive way. I've found parts of BTVS S8 similarly disjointed at times. Still love both books and a re-read often solves the "huh?" for me. We can also do without the "So and so is wrong" and other choice bits. Some people juggle geese, as a great man once said.
deadnotsleeping, that is easily my biggest regret about that series. It hurts my heart every time I notice one, I promise you.
Hey the bragging comment didn't originate with me, I just agreed. Why am I getting all the flack?

And what's wrong with my moniker!?!
Unless I've read things incorrectly I don't believe anyone else on this thread used the term 'bragging' except your good self thats why.
Well, sueworld, marvelknight used the term "brag" and I agreed with him. Granted, I did add an "ging" to the end of the it, but the whole thing didn't originate with me. So, yes, you have read incorrectly... sort of.
You do realize that articles about IDW doing well that are not written by IDW are not bragging, yes? Sure they have put out a press release when something does really well, that's every company. I bet when you came up with "Buffy the Slayer Layer" you told all your friends about that bragging or is that news?

And if it's my blogging or posting about being excited about writing the continuation of my favorite TV show with one of my heroes, I don't think that's bragging so much as sharing for anyone who's interested. I have to think most would do the same.
I would like to officially shoot this argument in the head (or, more appropriately, stake it in the heart). I talked to Georges, everything is great, I am still a super fan of his art and of Joss' writing, let's enjoy ourselves. Save the drama for those CHARMED fans! I mean, CHARMED? Really?

Love you guys!
In the alt universe Whedonesque, all creative people associated with Joss' work would appear regularly in purple, especially whenever there was a hint of criticism.

You know, it does seem to be getting awfully purple in here all of sudden.
Is that a problem?

Sorry Buffy the Slayer layer. I stand corrected.
No, I didn't go around telling all my friends about my incredibly geeky (and clever, if I do say so myself) moniker--what am I, a nerd?

Well, yeah, I guess I am...

I'm just really sick of people getting all up in arms because someone doesn't like something. And I didn't even realize that something wasn't great between Jeanty and Lynch. Was there some kind of feud? I just thought Jeanty wasn't a big fan of ATF.

Back to the interview, I really like how Jeanty owns up to the difficulties he has had with the art work (likenesses, etc.). He seems to be a very humble artist. When I first started S8, I wasn't completely sold on the art, but I was totally into it during Goddard's arc. <3

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