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September 29 2008

Buffy and Quality Television. From the TLC: Teaching and Learning in Chiropractic blog, of all places.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with a chiropractor using the phrase "bone-crushingly painful".
Methinks we'll see a post from a Whedonesque regular taking credit for this blog article. Dana5140, would you please come on down!
Heh, heh! Like your dentist saying, "Opps!" Which actually happened to me once. Needless to say, he was fired.
My neurosurgeon was looking at an x-ray of my fused spine and said, "wow, I've never seen that before" as I was sitting there waiting for his assessment. (Turned out he never saw a titanium screw snap in half)

I loved reading the blog post. Buffy rules.
Yep, that's really not what you want to hear from a doctor ;).

Methinks we'll see a post from a Whedonesque regular taking credit for this blog article. Dana5140, would you please come on down!

It is indeed he ;).

Nice post. Maybe slightly ironic though, considering what we're talking about on the other thread (though I think Dana5140's still being consistent because of the precise definition of "quality television" that he's hewing to). Personally I don't have a problem with the definition - it's just a list of preferences and doesn't claim to say anything about "actual" quality - but I sort of do have a problem with using the word itself cos clearly that is making such a claim

ETA: it's also a recursive definition which, on behalf of the universe, I find unsettling ;).

[ edited by Saje on 2008-09-29 22:44 ]
I actually wrote this before I knew about the other thread. And yes, I chose "bone crushingly" on purpose; just a little chiropractic humor there. Very little...

I was trying to come up with a post that did not deal with a technical issue; I've had about 15 in a row on difficult topics, so I wanted a little break, because (1) I have had a horrid respiratory infection for 11 days now and am tired, (2) it is near the end of the term, so I am tired, and (3) everyone else is also tired.

But I really want to interest readers in Buffy, in In Treatment, and in the idea of TV actually being worth talking about. And that it can even be used to illustrate points in presentations and lectures. And remember, different audience here, not one that will argue the nuances of how we define quality television.
Saje--every time you mention some crazy shit like "recursive definitions" I end up losing many hours investigating. Today I learned some valuable things including...figuring out that I have very little logic and/or reasoning skills.
Heh, well so long as i'm causing you to waste time productively ;).
Lovely piece, Dana5140! Yay!
Good thoughts, my fellow quinquagenarian and manly beard wearer.
That was a very nice piece there, Dana5140, kudos! :). Also, it featured a photo, which is cool. I enjoy finding out what the faces are that lurk beneath the screen names here on the black.

Anyway, it's pretty funny that this turned up along with the other thread, but like Saje I think it's not inconsistent. It is funny that I could've written - at least in theory :) - pretty much the same assessment of Buffy as being 'quality television', while probably disagreeing on what those words actually meant. Which is all part of the fun (and crazyness) that is fandom and whedonesque, obviously ;).
Dana,well done!

I love this site beyond the telling of it.
And I hope you knew that my comment meant I *did* find the bone-crushingly thing funny.
I did, not to worry. 'Sides, I know all the good chiropractor jokes, like "How many chiropractors does it take to put in a light bulb? One, but you have to come back 20 times."

Thanks all to all. :-)
My own chiro took one look at my xrays and proclaimed "Your back and neck are just...bizarre!".
Nice one, huh?!

Dana 5140, no offense intended, but I always thought you were a young, albeit eloquent, girl. Who was possibly lesbian.

Funny how online perception can be so different to reality!
A good example of how Buffy can be fitted into almost every anvenue of life. Short and well written Dana, perfect to interest people new to Buffy as well as us Buffy-longtimers.

Things you dont want to hear from the surgeon behind you back, (belive me I was there): Opps! That one had pressure, give me a towel.
Well, missb, I've called myself an honorary lesbian, so perhaps you are not too far off the mark. :-) Nope, I'm a 55yo bald and pudgy guy into Buffy, Magma, and long-distance bike riding. And in my life, I've seen a few x-rays that were, well, bizarre... but I think I might pick more politic words when describing them to patients. Hee.

The irony! I have had more action on this post than on all the rest put together- which might end up being good because I can now point to this increased count as evidence that the blog is doing what it is supposed to do. ;-)

And I realized the post I wrote before this one, on rigor in qualitative research, actually applies to the discussion we have been having about art. Cool! I'm prescient!
Yay Dana, way to spread the word. I too had thought of you as much younger and probably female (and considerably less distinguished looking) ;)
Thanks for making me feel less ancient. Young at heart plus a little wisdom, is not to be sneezed at.
(Plus the sneezing might initiate an attack of sciatica and send me running off to my Chiropractor). ;-)
missb : "no offense intended, but I always thought you were a young, albeit eloquent, girl. Who was possibly lesbian"

Shey: "I too had thought of you as much younger and probably female (and considerably less distinguished looking) ;) "

Yes, cyberspace can be wondrous in the misleading impressions department.

Not so much with me, altho some people have pictured me with a beret and bongo drums and an all-black outfit, which isn't my style, I admit.
I'm not an honorary anything; I'm basically everybody's weird uncle who only comes down from the attic on major holidays, I guess.

Just read more carefully; included a show (Lost) which you personally "dislike intensely" is a mark of serious thought.

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2008-10-01 01:06 ]
I started out liking it, but then gave up when it became apparent that they were not going to answer any mysteries. And I think this is why they suffered ratings declines. You should see all the Losties who think I am a dolt because I will not wait for everything to unfold and that I should trust Cruse and Lindlof. I actually have televisual skills, but I felt that this show really was jerking its audience around. Anyone know why there is a statue of a 4-toed foot yet? Just wondering! Also, it is hard to invest in the characters for me; they all do stupid things regularly due to the plot requirements. Anyway! But the show did capture an audience, who really does follow it intensely. It's quality, but I just don't watch it. And I could not include Heroes in my list. I sort of enjoy it, but feel that is has bad writing, and cannot make up its mind what it wants to be- Hiro is funny, but nearly always stupid, Mohinder is now becoming evil when he was good, and there is no one I really care about, not even Claire, who is whom I think they want us to care about. I think by the time this ends, we will be caring about Sylar.:-) But I digress......

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