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September 29 2008

Dr Horrible Soundtrack now on Amazon MP3. If for some reason you can't play AAC files, it is in MP3 format. Duh.

Can one of the mods fix this url with the whedonesque associates link? Since y'all went to Astore I can't work out your associates tag anymore.

It's DRM-free on iTunes also, so that's not really a unique selling point.
I've got to be the first to say it: We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia.
Hahaha. I'd already bought it off iTunes myself and don't pay any attention to the DRM thing myself. But I know some people can't play iTunes files for whatever reason. Um, get your Zune on? :)
Just like the free bonus track download for the Buffy Score, only available for customers in The US.
Urgh, now my description looks lame. If I had some more time, I'd fix it. Thank god I'm on vacation next week...
I bought it on iTunes, and it won't let me burn to CD or copy over to my non-iPod MP3 player. So glad it's on Amazon now, since their downloads work on every device.
goth_huntress, I had no problem doing that. I play it on a couple of non-iTunes devices. Is it an older version of iTunes or something?
goth_huntress - you *should* be able to burn the DrH soundtrack to a CD from iTunes. There isn't any DRM or anything that would prevent you from burning it to a CD. I've burned it to several CD's with no issues at all.
Yeah, that's weird since it's iTunes Plus (i.e. as theonetruebix mentions, it's DRM free). Converted it to MP3 and copied it to my unPod with no bother at all.

But even if it wasn't iTunes Plus, DRM stuff can still be burned to CD and then re-ripped to MP3 (or any other format) for copying to any device you like.
goth_huntress, if you want to play it on a player that can't play AAC, you have to convert it to MP3 first - which IS possible in iTunes (just tried it) because Dr. Horrible is sold DRM-free. You should also be able to burn it to a CD, but I can't try that out right now cause I don't have a blank CD.
I'm not the only one who notices that the Bad Horse chorus has the three Whedon brothers, right?

Or was this already known and I was just out of the loop?
I purchased Dr. Horrible on iTunes & on Amazon! It's money well spent!
Just waiting for the DVD to become available....
Just waiting for the DVD to become available....

They've got to pick the best applicants to the Evil League of Evil first. ;)
So, the amazon link doesn't work outside of the US? Have any other non-iTunes options turned up, yet?
I think Felicia Day has some kind of obsession with washers/dryers. Dr. Horrible, that Cheetos commercial, and now a Sears commercial? Coincidence? I think not. ;)
I've got to be the first to say it:

The Amazon MP3 store is coming to the UK sometime soon.
You can also find the soundtrack here Rhapsody Napster eMusic GroupieTunes Lala Amazon iTunes Shockhound

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