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September 29 2008

Michael Muhney is a gracious runner-up. Veronica Mars' Sheriff Lamb writes about screen testing for the Paul Ballard role in Dollhouse.

He is just so adorable! That is my official shallow fan girl remark of the day.
I want very much to see this man on television again. How about Joss's next show?
He was reading for the same role as Jason Dohring...interesting. I wonder how that will turn out.

Maybe something will open up for Michael on Dollhouse. I would love to see him on my TV again!!!
I had no idea he tested for Paul. Huh.

He's a lovely lad, is Michael.
Hmm, "spin-off character of House" ? Colour me intrigued.

I'm glad he had a good experience, I only really know him through the odd link on here (apart from his roles I mean) but what a gracious and basically decent bloke he seems.
Saje, the private investigator that House hires this season is (potentially) going to be the lead in the spin-off show. I guess they will need a cast around him.
Aha, thanks, didn't know that. Just based on one episode he's a character with a lot of potential I think. So maybe Mr Muhney went up for his partner/friend or something (though he might also be saying that he met with Fox for the PI himself but missed out on it) ?
Still, would love to see him in the show at some point.
He's definitely an actor who deserves a chance to become a Whedon alum.
I think Michael Weston had that role from the beginning so I am guessing that it is/was for a supporting role in the potential spin-off.
Saje, that is sort of how I read it. I would dearly like to see MM on a Joss show but I think Tahmoh will probably be perfect. I see them bringing 2 quite different energies to the show.
What a great post! I wasn't a VM fan but I've enjoyed every post I've read of his here. I knew Hollywood was slow this season but didn't realize it was that bad and with the economy 'cratering' it's not going to be easy for everyone to get back on track. I'm sure many appreciate Muhney's silver-lining outlook.
That's how I interpreted it, Saje, that he was meeting for the part of the PI. But I will hope for otherwise.

Based on this, he seems like a ridiculously nice guy. Insanely kind. All the optimism and stuff. It's crazy. Which only makes his job as Lamb impress me more.
It must have been a tough choice ! even if I think I like Michael Muhney even more.
I really hope he'll get the chance to work with Joss again, and that we'll actually see it.
Such a pity that we won't get to see Muhney in Dollhouse... He's a great actor, if his work in Veronica Mars is anything to go by.
Nathan Fillion originally auditioned for the role of Angel, so there is hope!
I do remember reading that he had tested for the role. And I have to confess that as much as I love BSG and Tahmoh, I was a bit bummed when I learned that Michael didn't get the part.
I really do hope he'll get to work with Joss along the line. Who knows, there's bound to be more roles in Dollhouse popping up in the future. And there's always the possibility of more DHSAB acts ;).

Also: I'm not sure it's allowed to be as nice and gracious as he is being here. Makes me root for the guy even more.
You never sleep, do you, GVH? ;)
Michael was awesome on Veronica Mars. I'd say that his being the runner-up for Dollhouse is a very good thing. I read on IMDB that a fair amount of actors in Buffy, Angel and Firefly were runner-ups and were either given a reoccuring role, had a new character made specifically for them, or were brought back for a latter series.

If I remember correctly Mercedes McNabb tried out for Cordy. Joss liked her and created Harmony. I think Nathan Fillion tried out against Boreanaz for Angel and Joss recognized him when he auditioned for Mal. These are from IMDB, so they could be complete bs.

Regardless, Michael's on Joss' radar now which is awesome. In a Veronica Mars-related rant with another annoying use of the word "awesome": does anyone else think it's awesome that Weevil's on Heroes now? You just know Kirsten Bell had something to do with it.
My personal sleep/wake rhythem has been completely off, these past two or three months, yeah, catherine ;)
Okay, this really worries me for the fate of Dollhouse... no, I'm kidding. ;-) It does kind of bum me out, though; Michael is the bee's knees and then some!
He's also the cat's pyjamas and the best thing since sliced bread!

I'm glad he at least got a chance to read for the 'Dollhouse' part, but I do wonder if Joss is aware that Michael has a huge number of supporters in this fanbase who would squee in unholy delight in he were cast in any role?

(BTW did you know- if you're one in a million in China, there are 1300 other people just like you!)
Michael Muhney was the first person I thought of when I read the description for Paul. Tamoh is awesome, too. Both on the screen would be even better!
I think Nathan Fillion tried out against Boreanaz for Angel and Joss recognized him when he auditioned for Mal.

On one of the commentaries (I think) they talk about Nathan auditioning for Angel and Joss not even remembering him. Of course, they could have been kidding. But they didn't sound like they were.
Oh Sheriff Lamb, who knew you were such a big Joss fan?
Muhney really does need to pop up on Dollhouse at some point.
I would like him to play me in the Whedonesque mini-series for TNT.
I heard they had cast Valerie Bertinelli (?sp?) to play you in the Lifetime Movie, Simon! ;-)
Cast him anyway! Cop from out-of-town, disgruntled former HomeLand Security agent, wacky ex-Doll. Something, the Mars cast need all the casting they can get.
I've heard Morgan Freeman is playing me.

But that's only a rumor right now.
I was so torn when I found out Muhney lost the Dollhouse role to Tahmoh, because I completely adore both of them, and I really wanted Muhney to be on the show. He's just an awesome guy. I hope another role comes up that's PERFECT for him.
Green Queen - exactly!
When Firefly was happening, Nathan mentioned to Joss that he had auditioned for Angel, and Joss said that he didn't remember him. Nathan admitted it was because he hadn't made it far enough in the process to meet him. *wince*

Things work out for a reason, and Joss casts his roles pitch perfect. Nathan came back again and found his iconic role as Mal. It's only a matter of time before Michael Muhney is cast in a Joss show. He's a great fit for Joss' worlds, and he's already on the radar. This particular role didn't work out because an even better one for him is coming.
I never really understood why everyone wanted MM to be on a Joss show--I pretty much loathed Lamb on VM (he will always be the one who turned Veronica away and pretty much laughed in the face of her pain in the pilot to me), but the more I read about him, the more I understand what a fabulous actor he must be. I mean, if he is even a fraction as classy and cool as he seems in real life, that makes his performance as Lamb truly an accomplishment.

So, having read this link, add me to the list of people who would love to see him on a Joss show in the future. What a great guy.

Also, did anyone else squee with happiness at the thought of Jason Dohring getting more work? I tried to watch Moonlight, I really did, but despite my love for the man, it just couldn't happen. Here's hoping both he and Mr. Muhney get some solid, interesting (lucrative) roles soon!
Michael is responsible for one of the rare times I've cheered at something on screen. When he takes Veronica's side in that episode about the little girl getting beated by her parents (can't remember what the title was). Superb acting.
Simon, that's the scene I always think of when I think of Lamb, even though for most of his time in the series he was the character I loved to hate. It just took what I thought I knew about Lamb and twisted the hell out of it. Excellent stuff.
Michael Muhney is a gentleman. I remember when he turned up at that hotel that time for the poor browncoats who had their convention canceled at late notice too. Though, if you're gonna be a runner-up, you wanna be a runner-up to someone like Tahmoh!

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