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September 30 2008

Need Buffy Artifacts - Can You Help? A MetaFilter poster wants to create a Buffy themed Xmas present for his girlfriend. He'd like to come up with a list of artifacts that survived the events of 'Chosen'. But he knows very little about Buffy. Suggestions?

A somewhat bent "Sunnydale" sign and a toy schoolbus?
He says the explosion -ended- the Buffy franchise. Slightly erroneous.
I'd suggest watching the season seven episode called Potential. At one point Willow uses her magic to create that map to track potentials...freeze frame the map and copy it onto cool old looking paper.

Find a huge costume jewelry pendant on a chain and that could be Spikes "champion" necklace.

Also, find a Calotta ring like Angel gave Buffy in season 2 (or was it 3?)

Include some 3.5 inch floppy disks like the kind Adam used.

And that's all I've got right now.
I think you mean a Claddagh ring :-)
I would suggest buying her the comics.
I would include a snowglobe and a mockup of one of the Jonathan posters from Superstar.
Well, I'm not sure that much of anything identifiable would be left from the explosion. Mr. Gordo and some of the other things they mentioned, if they were rescued, would be, well, in Buffy's possession.

However, the map that the group played D&D with in Chosen (the last episode) is from an actual module, which can be purchased at Amazon. The title is: "Bastion of Broken Souls," and the map used was enlarged from one of the inside covers maps.

A picture here:
Actually, this is a rather difficult one. Since all of Sunnydale fell into the Hellmouth, there's isn't much to recover.

Well, there's that big hole in the ground. Wait, wasn't the scythe lost there?
Well, I'm not sure that much of anything identifiable would be left from the explosion.

Doesn't the comic show some debris in the background? Or am I making that up?
Anything recovered would have to be dug up, and how would the investigators know what is significant? Since the high school was right on the hellmouth, you'd think it'd also be the most lost. Would be funny if the only thing to survive was Buffy's permanent record. It always comes back to haunt you.

They really should read the first arc of the comics if they haven't. Is this the same investigation or separate? What if they run into Warren and Amy?
Wait, wasn't the scythe lost there?

Nope, Buffy had the scythe with her on the top of the school bus. Now, the question is, did they drive away with it still up there after the closing scene? ;) They still have it in the comics, so I assume that isn't the case, but I can definitely see myself pulling something like that.
Of course an Orb of Thesula is a good call (but be carefull, they are very fragile), Faith' Dagger, a Pez witch. And runaway of some morbid itens.
Presumably an archaeological dig would turn up plenty of stuff - most of the town fell in on itself very quickly, so there should be quite a lot of stuff under the first layer of debris. The "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign fell in right on top of it, so that would be easy to recover - it could be tagged as having "odd tire-marks on it", a call-out to other times it fell over. The stuff in the school would be at the bottom of the hole, but one might assume the cemetery was further away from the crater, so a bit of a stone angel, a bottle of booze from Spike's crypt (or a mug with odd congealed liquid in it?) and things from the demon bar might be recovered.

The art would really be in devising labels for the stuff, with subtle references to incidents in the show. That's tricky without a detailed knowledge of a mere 144 episodes...
I'm actually going to attempt making a dagger like Faith's, from Sculpey. Not sure yet if I'm going to go full scale, or make it for one of my figures to hold. Too bad I don't have a Faith...

But I only have pictures of the Bringer knives she stole, from that link a while back of the brothers' insane (And I mean that in a "Geez, I wish I had that kinda money, or knew them" way) theater room. Anyone have better pictures of the one the Mayor gave her?

And really, what did survive? Giles still had his duffel of weapons, didn't he? Was Vi wearing one of her hats? Buffy still had the Scythe. What about Xander's eye patch? Anything else not worn or carried by one of the Scoobs would be several hundred feet down now.
Oh that little Mutant Enemy Mascot from "Bargaining".
Well, the scene in the comics was photgraphed from high up so perhaps soem buildings and things survived better than others. The houses might be only pieces no bigger than Willow's latest silly hat of half-week but the cemeteries might be fairly intact....

ShadowQuest : The Mayor gave Faith a commercially avialable (then- long out of prduction) model called the Jackal, don't know what company made it.

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It's a little embarrassing to note how many of the various items listed here that I have!

ShadowQuest: The knife they used was called the Jackal made by Gil Hibben. And yes I have one of those too. I can send you some pictures if you'd like them.
The excellent novel, "Go Ask Malice" (non-canon but doesn't contradict canon) features a 'Historians's note' on page vii:
"The following diary was found on April 13, 2006 beaneath the ruins of the Sunnydale, California bus station during an archeaological excavation at that site..."

The book is in the format of Faith's diary in the year leading up to her arriving in Sunnydale. It's easily one of the best Buffy novels.
Then there have to be various stakes, and the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign.
Digging into Sunnydale is kosher. We wouldn't have Amy or Warren back in Season 8 if folks weren't digging around the place.
If this guy is tech savvy enough he could edit "Storyteller" (that is the name of the ep with andrew and his camera right?) so it was just the clips that were on andrews camera then reburn it into its own disc and ding it up a little so it's like a real home video.
Go to and click William Berube on the right side. I've posted photos of many screen-used items from my collection - Spike's Amulet, Map of Sunnydale, Dingoes poster, Sunnydale Cemetery sign, original comic art, etc.

Hope that helps!

PS - I do have many items that I have yet to post, some of which are for sale (props as well as comic covers and interior pages) if you really want to go nuts. Feel free to contact me though that site.
kmb99, DaddyCat Thanks. I googled "Faith's knife" and found out the info. It was also Praetor Shinzon's knife in ST:TNG - Nemesis. Popular little number.

Actually, not so little - 15 5/8" overall length, with an 8 1/2" blade of 1/4" thickness. :-D

I did find two pictures I could download, which I did, but detailed pictures are always helpful.

Let's see. Other "artifacts" that might survive a cataclysmic earth rupture...

Xander's dartboard.

The name, probably busted, of the crypt that they showed the most when Buffy was on patrol. (Not Anderson. What was that name?)

Is this guy looking to spend a little or a lot on the gift? 'cause replicas of weapons are available through various sites, including CineQuest. (I know they had a scale replica of the Scythe a while back for like $25.)

Buffy's Red Riding Hood cloak, which Andrew wore (WHY!?) when they were playing D&D.

Heck, he could get her one of those paper name tags & write GOD on it.

ETA: Night Gallery OMJ! You've got Giles' dragonfly lamp! Color me SOOOOoooo jealous! I loved his two lamps. And his big ball of twine.

I've got a gigantic stained glass lamp shade my grandmother gave me (And the lamp she had it on) that she got from her sister as a gift, a hand-made shade someone out West made. It's HEAVY! But it looks so cool when it's lit and I'll stop babbling now.

Sigh. I do wish I could own just one thing from the show. Even just a small thing, like Xander's eyepatch, or Giles' ball of twine. It wouldn't have to be anything anyone else would "get," but something just for me to look at and know. Ya know?

Ok. I promise - no more babbling. I'll be babble-free. Cease babbling.

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The Future Is Ours: Sunnydale High Yearbook '99. Singed (doubly!)

Amy's rat cage--one could argue that it wasn't until she went extra-evil that she left it behind. Or maybe her mother's cheerleading statue?

The Du Lac Cross?

Some Knight of Byzantium armour strewn about outside the town lines?

A singed DoubleMeat uniform?

Some Chumach remains? (They remained uncovered for quite a while--another covering might protect them.)

If you wanna get creative, maybe a Judge piece. Finger? Heart? Eye?
And--duh--remains of Buffybot. And I'd imagine Adam's electronic bits would preserve well.

And tombstones: Jennifer Calendar; Tara Maclay; Joyce Summers; Holden Webster; Cassie Newton; Buffy Anne Summers: She Saved the World A Lot.
Shadowquest: Here's pictures of the knife "Jackal".

WilliamTheB: That brings up another question - Did they leave Buffy's tombstone up after she came back? Seems she wouldn't want the reminder.
I'm thinking that the gifts won't mean much if he doesn't understand what they mean in the story, and thus to her. There are learning aids available - synopsises (if that's a word), short of actually watching the series, if that's too difficult.

As a gift that doesn't cost a million dollars, I'd suggest a charm bracelet with representations, rather than reproductions, of the real objects (which were only props to begin with). But your friend would have to understand the origin and meaning of them. Maybe he'd be better off giving something, a symbol, that they share the meaning of?

ETA: This question interested me enough that I skimmed back through Chosen, looking just at the jewelry and weapons. And found some continuity errors, but that's not important. I also found a happy character note, that I'm sure others have noticed, but I didn't before. Dawn is wearing a necklace with a pendant shaped like an old-fashioned key, while going to her likely bloody death in the apocalypse-battle. Snap, universe!

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ShadowQuest - Hope you've been well. Thank you for the kind words. The lamp and the sign do compliment each other nicely. They're two of the few props on display in my home that my wife actually likes. I keep telling myself that I'm all done collecting Buffy stuff and then something else comes along. I'm working on a deal for a fairly large lot that probably won't go through till sometime after the new year. If it does work out and I get any duplicate items I'll let you know.
dreamlogic: "synopses"
DaddyCatALSO - I miss your wit!

Hoping all is well in your world.
Night Gallery I have. Kinda in lurk mode over on the Bronze these days - politics scare me.

I appreciate the thought, but there's no way I could afford any props. Just love working fast food for minimum wage. The challenge of paying rent and bills and buying gas and food just never gets boring. Ya know?

I'm actually making Faith's knife. Smaller than the original, and made from Sculpey. "Not for resale." :-P

I'll post progress pictures to my Webshots album & send you a link once they're up.
ShadowQuest - Yeah, I remember some pretty heated exchanges at the Bronze during the last election. There are some very nice people who post at that site, but politics can bring out the worst in people.

Working fast food does suck (been there, done that), but there are a lot of people out of work right now, so I guess you have to count your blessings.

Send me pictures of the knife when you're finished. It sounds like a fun project.

Be good to yourself!


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