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September 30 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack Now Available. The official digital version of Repo! The Genetic Opera's Soundtrack is now available for download. It works for international downloads and such and has lots of great Anthony Stewart Head vocals.

Also available from iTunes and a real CD release is available from at the following link.

Does anybody know when the film is actually set to release here in the US?
November the 7th, but it's a very limited release - just Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Las Vegas according to Wikipedia. They're taking it on tour to a few other places though: link. I'm thinking it won't make it to the UK though, hopefully we'll be able to get the DVD.
The DVD is out in January though.

oops, second XD

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Well *phew* I'm in LA (well, the surrounding area anyways) so that's know, for me.
Here's the iTunes link, if anyone wants to edit it inů It's quite expensive since you can only buy the single songs for 99 cents each, so if you want all, you pay over 30 Dollars/Euros
I guess the relevant question is, is it any good? I am a big fan of Anthony Stewart Head's singing voice, and the songs used in the trailers wowed me. Then I saw the "Mark It Up" clip on IGN, and was less than impressed.
Listening to it's awesome. Anyone buying this for ASH must hear Legal Assassin. That

Even cooler? Repo's one away from being in Amazon's top twenty for record sales today. Crazy!
What songs does Mr. Head sing on?

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