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October 01 2008

Freeze Ray - A Cappella on You Tube. Also Brand New Day.

Is it me or does this guy's singing voice sound more like NPH than NPH's singing voice does?

I love this! As someone who always "sings along" with the background music, this just makes me smile. Sounds exactly like NPH too.
This sounds so fantastic! I think the a cappella sound worked especially well for "Freeze Ray".

I just went back to the link to see who this group was, then saw that it is just one guy! One guy who was apologizing for the way it sounded. Color me even more impressed than my original impression.
I love a cappella music! And these were fun... thanks for posting this, lauratd.

BTW, are there any other Whedony songs out there done by a cappella groups? Anything from OMWF?
Super job for a bored guy sitting alone at a computer with nothing to do on a Saturday morning! But I don't agree that the lead vocals are quite up to NPH standards. (I'm a choir teacher and very, very picky. Plus, kinda obsessed with Neil, to boot!)

It's weird, I suddenly feel like I, too, need to start spending my free time doing fan homages, such as making animations, posting videos online and singing songs. Never mind, it'll pass...
Really really interesting. Also, very Andy Bernard from "The Office."
Now this is the kind of cover I've been waiting for. Awesome.
This is so so cool. Whenever I hear/watch something like this it just makes me happy. Total cure for stress. And, really, this is all thanks to YouTube and readily available software -- a few years ago this would've been so much more difficult to pull off. We live in interesting times.
Too, too cool! I hope they do more.
The a capella arrangement is really good, but the guy doing the lead is... well, he sounds like NPH if NPH couldn't really sing.

Brand New Day? MUCH better.

[ edited by Clay on 2008-10-01 18:30 ]
Brand New Day? MUCH better.

See, I'm just the opposite. I really enjoyed Freeze Ray more. I just think it's so interesting how they used their voices to imitate the background music.
patxshand, Andy was the first thing I thought of. ;-)

That guy is crazy talented. I too disagree with Clay; for a second I thought the guy had actually used NPH's vocal track at the beginning. "Brand New Day" is nifty, but I loved "My Freeze Ray."

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