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October 01 2008

First look at Amy Acker in 'Fire and Ice'. This movie premieres on the Sci Fi Channel on October 18th.

It might actually be good. Then again maybe not if it's a Sci Fi original movie.

Well, I loved Tin Man, so I might give this a shot.
But in that promo she's got blue hair again, so how bad could it be?!
Yes the Illyria imagery has sucked me in but then I remembered that I have seen Mammoth.
You made it all the way through Mammoth? I could only last about 30 minutes. I did watch all of Sands of Oblivion though, much to my chagrin.
I think I lasted about 10 minutes more than you. I've never seen the ones that Nick Brendon and Amber Benson headlined but we did do special discussion threads for them when they first aired. And they were enormous fun. So in the spirit of that, I'm announcing that we'll be doing another one for Amy's movie on the 18th. Bring your own popcorn, cheese will be supplied by the Sci Fi channel.
I don't think anything can beat Gryphon. Poor Amber.
Yeah, I got the impression she was having a difficult time keeping a straight face through some of the dialogue. But, gods help me, as bad as it was, Sci-Fi Channel has done a couple that were worse (please don't ask what they were; I'm doing my level best to clear my brain of all memories of the horror...)
Are my eyes deceiving me or is Amy sporting a facial scar in this movie as well? I've always scratched my head when a film studio hires a stunning beautiful actress only to mar their faces with make-up. Go figure.

Anyway, it's solid work and Amy's keeping in the game, so I'm wishing her well. With that said, I've never been able to keep tuned to a SciFi movie for more than ten minutes. They are usually so horrible beyond belief. Hoping that Amy has better luck and I'm certainly looking forward to her appearance in "Dollhouse".
I think that the horrible-ness is something that the SciFi channel has embraced. They enjoy making terrible films.
Well, it's obvious that the Statler Brothers weren't singing about Amy when they sand "YOu Don't Wear Blue So Well." (Obviously not because she'dv'e been very, very tiny when they sang that.) but, on the whole, from what I've heard about Amber's and Nicky's ventures in that direction, Made-for-Sci-Fi-Channel movies are one reason for me not to regret not having a TV.

But, it means one of our idols is working, so yay!
I watched Mammoth, but skipped Sands of Oblivion. I'm telling you, the Sci-Fi Channel just can't make a good sci-fi movie. I sometimes suspect it dumped MST3K because it was afraid one of its movies would be riffed by Mike, Crow and Tom Servo into oblivion...especially that movie where some WWII pilots had to transport the first atom bomb past an island with pterodactyls. I think that was it
this is a first look?

the trailer has been available for ages... was it posted here?

anyway, here it is:

it looks pretty horrible, but i'm sure amy had fun doing it.
Found the trailer after much searching...

It's long and more music video like than an actual trailer, but AA is featured heavily.
Here a youtube link to a 7 minute trailer. I'm still not sure what to make of this. Chances are, it'll be awfull. But then again: Amy Acker. Which means I'll be watching. I managed to watch the whole of Mammoth as well, after all ;)

ETA: not sure if this is the same trailer as linked above, as that one was too large for my old computer to handle :)

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So I left ABC on after Pushing Daisies and low and behold Amy pops up on Private Practice! I REALLY don't like this show but I'll watch it through for Miss Acker.
Okay, they so totally used the music from SciFi's Children of Dune in that one trailer. Which I know is fairly common, recycling scores from previous movies into trailers for new movies, but I always find it jarring. The Pride and Prejudice trailer used the music from Love Actually, so whenever I see Lizzie and Mr. Darcy dancing, I'm really imagining the little boy running through the airport, which just throws me off. And I swear that I saw a trailer the other day that used the music from "Chosen" (when I squealed and said, "This music is from Buffy!" my little sister told me I was a freak).

But anyways, that was way off topic.

I'm tempted to watch this just because it has a pretty decent cast and Amy is always so lovely. But the trailers make me wince.

Also, will someone please explain to me how SciFi can be responsible for BSG, easily one of the best shows on television, and yet nearly every other thing they're involved in sucks? It's really discouraging.

Ah! Why is this in italics, and why can't I fix it?

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Because the previous poster left the italics open . . . fixed now.
Well, If Amy is in it I will watch. It's like I have no will of my own...
Aha. Thanks, SoddingNancyTribe.

Satai (with Punsch), I am like that with James Marsters. It never ceases to amaze me how much crap I've watched just because he's in it. I'm also like that with Chiwetel Ejiofor, but fortunately, he is almost always in consistently good movies, so it's not as big of an issue.
Wow, that may be one of the worst trailers I've ever seen. No offense to anyone who likes that song, but it made the trailer SO much worse IMHO. This movie looks like crap, but Amy's in it, so I'd watch it if I had cable. I suppose I'll see it eventually (even Mammoth can't keep me from watching Amy).
>>I am like that with James Marsters. It never ceases to amaze me how much crap I've watched just because he's in it.

Thank God he's on Torchwood now, that brings some extra pleasure to the J.M. watching. At least to me. I know the feeling. I havent watched Alias yet though, just to see Amy. Is it worth it? Anyone?

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