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October 01 2008

Non partisan PSA: Don't vote! Here is Michelle Trachtenberg, and I think Amy Adams encouraging you not to vote!

PSA which is endorsed by both McCain and Obama, but I have to say that Sarah Silverman steals the show.

I love famous people.
Very well done. And I agree, Sarah Silverman, who I don't even much care for, steals the show. (Though I harbor love for Kyra Sedgewick and Kevin Bacon).
Sarah Silverman was definitely the best. This was pretty fun, though... I'd send it to 5 friends but all my friends that are citizens are already going to vote anyway.
Who is the guy with the beard? And the plumpish guy with the glasses? And is that her from Love Actually?
The bearded guy is Giovanni Ribisi. The guy with the glasses is Jonah Hill.

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Simon, the "plumpish guy" is Jonah Hill, who's quite amusing. I also agree, Sarah Silverman stole the show (as she so often does)...although I loved Courtney Cox and her "I used to have five friends...."

And I wouldn't have minded seeing more Michelle in this.

Kudos to both the McCain and Obama campaigns for endorsing this.
Oh, those tricky celebrities have bamboozled me into voting with their reverse psychology.

Frankly, this bit is WAY too long. And after a minute of being told "you know you've got to register to vote" and "you know you need to register?" from a half a dozen different stars, I just got annoyed by the whole 'talking down' attitude and stopped watching.

The thing about loses effectiveness when overdone. Brevity is the soul of wit and 4 minutes and 45 seconds of a bunch of stars saying the same thing over and over again is just too much. I stopped watching after two minutes in - couldn't take it anymore.
Yeah but are you gonna vote ? ;-)

... but I have to say that Sarah Silverman steals the show.

Ooh, I dunno, could be a Sarah Silverman/Jonah Hill tie for me (the only problem is, he actually sounded a bit too convincing when he was telling kids not to vote ;). Giovanni Ribisi's always cracking value too.

Very, very worthy idea (in the good way) maybe slightly over-earnest in a few places.

(and on a shallower note, Natalie Portman could tell me to stick my arm in a thresher and i'd probably just ask "Right or left ?". Lovely with a capital gorgeous ;)
But Emmie, if you stopped watching then you didn't get to see Sarah Silverman take her bra off! But I do agree, it should have been shorter.
Didn't notice Amy Adams. I ditto on Sarah Silverman stealing the show (loved the bra bit). And I want to have Dustin Hoffman's AND Forest Whitaker's baby, simultaneously.

And I just have to say, whatever one thinks of her candidacy, I appreciate Sarah Palin, because if not for her I still wouldn't know who TV's Tina Fey is.
"rampant like herpes...but for positive..."

I'll have to disappoint them, since I live in a swing-ish state so unless mya ddress change screws me I have to vote.
When you don't vote, I get stuck with the government you deserve.
Sarah Silverman was definitely amazing, and I loved "I used to have five friends...." as well! Amy Adams is also so cute in just about everything ever
Jonah Hill stole the show for me. I don't really like Sarah Silverman...she always seems to find herself far more amusing than I do.

"Darfur? What is that? It sounds like a t-shirt company." LOL

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Jonah Hill stole the show for me as well. I love his sarcastic wit.
Sarah Silverman for me. But the entire thing was great, though I do agree with Saje in that it was over-earnest in spots. Still, a very good little video, not to mention the only watchable thing Ashton Kutcher's been in since...well, ever.

I know what's gonna be the featured video on my site...
Jonah Hill was stealing the show until "I used to have 5 friends." Also, I'll do anything Ellen tells me to do.

But I was gonna vote anyway.
For you Sarah Silverman fans, you should see her video where she gets people who have elderly relatives in Florida to go there and convince them to vote for Obama. It's from a site called Funny or Die. Jonah Hill was great, too, ever since Superbad.
And I'm pretty sure these guys are selling the fact that apathy and not bothering to vote has its price: President Sarah...well, you know.
Should there have been a thing about learning about the issues and then voting? I think about this especially because there seems to have been a huge direct democracy thing on the bail-out issue. Members of Congress voting the wrong way (to my mind) because so many constituents called their offices with (again, my opinion) outrage with no considered thought behind it. Every citizen has the right and duty to vote, I'd never oppose that. But you are supposed to think, first.
Personaly, I'd rather someone NOT VOTE at all if they're uninformed than have them just vote for whoever. So yeah, the vid should have said something about finding out the issues first, then voting. I also don't see how McCain has supported this vid since it's a lot like that vid from Alicia Keys telling women that they HAVE to vote because it's their right, and how women have struggled to earn that right and how too many women give up that right and yadda yadda yadda and then sends them to Obama's website to register as a Deomcrat. Sure this vid sends you to a non-partisan site, but it still makes some pretty obvious references to a certain party's belief structure.
I liked it. It sounds a lot like what I've been parroting these past few weeks all around my campus. I agree that you're supposed to think first, too, dreamlogic. I think it's our duty as responsible citizens and an important right to exercise--especially if you're a woman.
Plus, I always just tell people: "Don't vote? Don't bitch."

Yes, Simon, that is Laura Linney, she from Love Acutally (one of my favorite movies, ever). She rocks.

I liked Forrest Whittaker and Dustin Hoffman among all of these young and fit stars. Sarah Silverman was just her usual self to me; I've never loved her brand of comedy but I don't mind it.

I didn't see Amy Acker Adams, though. Was she in this? ETA: oops, this is what happens when one posts when sleep-deprived.

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I share that "certain party's belief structure." But I've been disappointed with my party's response to this crisis. It hasn't been wrong-minded, but it's been inadequate. I think that Obama is trying to correct that problem, but so far it's too little, too late.
I didn't see Amy Acker, though. Was she in this?

psst... might re-read the topic post. Mentioned Amy Adams not Acker. Would have been cool if she was included though!
I can't imagine anyone being convinced to vote by that. Especially after the patronising 'you know you have to register?', 'you do know that right?' bit
Fun video. the whole "you know you have to register,right?" reminded me of The West Wing. There's an ep, called "Election Night" where Josh is ambushed by a lot of people who don't know how to vote,or who've voted wrong. they're finally revealed to be actors and one of them says he'll vote for Bartlett as a favour.then he ask if he has to be registered or something. Josh walks out,screaming "YES!!!!!"
I thought it made a very compelling argument.
While we're on it, everyone should just watch TWW. It's what made me run to register when I turned 18.
And,BTW, you usa-nians can actually register online. I waited for at least an hour.then a very old man wrote my man on a book and typed a card. on a typewriter,that is. the process around here is the same as it has been for the last 200 years. so don't be lazy. you have it so easy. just go vote.
I found it funny and didn’t see it patronising at all because I agree with what they said and I know how many people don’t even know that simple fact! It is important. I think those who didn’t care to know or didn’t even know might be a tad offended, but doubt it would stop them from following through and not voting – unless they don’t care about the aforementioned issues. If it gets people to register and to vote, then I think it did what it was supposed to.
I'm not sure I understand it. Is the US economy in trouble because not enough people voted in the last election? I mean how many people need to vote in order for the government not to screw things up?
Smart, funny, it's entertainment, rib poking, gentle cajoling, it's people who care about what might happen to this country. Marvelous, and I enjoyed every.second of it. Thank you for sharing.
I found it heavy-handed, to be honest, but I don't suppose I'm the target demographic. OTOH, Jonah Hill was funnier here than I found him in any of his movies. So that was a bonus.

ETA: I get wanting people to inform themselves about issues first, but I think the point of the vid is that the registration deadline is fast approaching, and if you miss that by informing yourself about the issues, well, fat lot of good that information did you.
Jonah Hill:

I got 19 kids, never used abortion once.


That was funny, though I agree, too long.
Have to go with Turbofist911. This was definitely a push to the left. And an annoyingly long one at that. Not something I could inflict upon a friend, let alone five of them.
Have to go with Turbofist911. This was definitely a push to the left.

It's filled with Hollywood actors. That alone means it's left.
Did no one else notice Charisma Carpenter? Or did I just imagine her?

[ETA: D'oh! It's not Charisma at all. I mistook Eva Longoria for her at the end.]

Has anyone seen a list on the interweb of who everyone is in the video? I'm curious. There were lots of familiar faces I couldn't put a name to. And I can't believe I didn't even notice Natalie Portman.

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dzr, the list is on vid info to the right. Charisma isn't there.
Thanks Mirage, I was watching the video on the 5friendsvote user page which didn't have the info box. Once I clicked through to the video's own page I found the info just fine.
Well I might agree with crossoverman that the presence of Hollywood actors would SEEM to imply that the ad leans to the left, but really the ad only says things like if you care about the war and/or abortion. It doesn't spell out which side of the issues you might care about. Seems to me they tried to keep it generally non-partisan in content.
It's filled with Hollywood actors. That alone means it's left.

You might be surprised to know that isn't necessarily true. Only one "older" Hollywood actor was in the video, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn there are younger actors who are conservatives. At any rate, I was shocked to hear a few weeks ago that Dennis Hopper is a staunch Republican, as is Jon Voigt. Curled my toes, it did.
only says things like if you care about the war and/or abortion

Well, it says "abortion rights" and other phrases that lead one to think it leans left, certainly. People like Tim Minear, Emma Caulfield, and Adam Baldwin are all (C/c?)onservative as well. I love that people I enjoy have different opinions and it doesn't make me cringe to learn that they may differ from mine. I don't agree with Joss or Tim on everything, but I agree with each of them on some things (plus, they both tell incredible stories!).
And DiCaprio talks about the current financial disaster - given that one of the Democrats' main attacks on McCain seems to be "more of the same" i'd say that's left leaning by implication too.
Here in Northern Ireland you are required by law to register. I think you face a 1000 fine if you don't.
Same in England (funnily enough - it's like there's some kind of, I dunno, kingdom that's sort of ... united ;). Most people are anyway because if you want, for instance, a credit card, you basically have to be on the electoral roll since AFAIK all the major credit scoring agencies use that to check addresses, credit history etc.

Doesn't mean you have to vote of course.
I was never sure about the mainland cause of our "special" circumstances here. I wouldn't mind seeing the Australian model of mandatory voting tried on a trial basis here. Be interesting to see how many spoilt ballots occurred as a result.
It'd be interesting as an experiment but i'm not sure how I feel about it in principle. And that aside, as others have said upthread, you can't force people to become better informed so coerced votes may not be worth as much as voluntary ones (whether they're worth more than 4/10 less I dunno - last turnout for a general was something like 60% IIRC ?).
There have been elections with as few as 50% voting, and if you look at that link you'll see that that percentage is lower with the less educated (in 1988 38% of people with no High School education voted, as apposed to 84% of people with post graduate). And here we have Stephen Colbert encouraging people to think twice, and wait. Because you don't want to rush into anything.
Yikes, you guys don't do so well in that "league table". That 60 ish % was our second lowest since WWII in the UK (the lowest being 59 ish % in the previous election in 2001 - not sure if people were just content or thought the the main opposition party was very weak or if the thinking was "Labour have a massive overall majority so voting against them won't make any difference and voting for them ... won't make any difference").
RE: registration. You know this video was primarily directed at younger folk, right? Many of whom are in college. So the issue of registration is important in order to get them on the voting role. There is nothing patronizing about that. The democrats have registered several million new votes since the primaries, far outweighing the number registered by the republicans- this will play a significant role in the outcome of this election. So, it is critical to vote, and even more critical to register so you can vote.

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And after a minute of being told "you know you've got to register to vote" and "you know you need to register?" from a half a dozen different stars, I just got annoyed by the whole 'talking down' attitude and stopped watching.

Count me among those who found this patronizing. I half expected them to start making googoo gaga baby sounds at us. Yes, the information about registering is important for some who don't know, but the 5 minutes of sarcasm is just tiresome. (I don't watch The Daily Show anymore for that very reason.)
I refuse to register.

I'm Canadian and I don't have to. But I am going to vote.
I don't see how The Daily Show or The Colbert Report are like this at all, jam2.
I refuse to register.

I'm Canadian and I don't have to. But I am going to vote.

I'm pretty sure that you're kidding redeem147, but my sense of humor about such things has taken some damage. Really?
I thought it was great, entertaining and not at all condescending. We Americans aren't the best at staying informed, and this was an excellent hook.
Someone mentioned the demographic they're going for and I think that makes all the difference in perception. Being both ancient and politically aware, I might find it condescending if I thought it was aimed at me, bur that obviously isn't the case.
Bottom line to me is, whatever works, especially getting out young, first time voters.

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I didn't mention The Colbert Report, I watch that religiously, funniest show on TV imho.

I used to watch TDS religiously too until about a year ago. I just feel like it's all the same note now, a note of smug sarcasm that tires me. To me, this PSA is very much in that vein, would have been right at home as a segment on TDS. I dunno, that's just my take...

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