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October 01 2008

Details about the Dollhouse theme song. Apparently Jonatha Brooke and Eric Bazilian are the artists behind it.

Via the ever wonderful AfterEllen btw.

From WikiPedia: "Her song "Inconsolable" (from Plumb) was featured in an episode of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer entitled "Prophecy girl"."

Listening to her clips she sounds like lighter (was going to say 'safer', but lets be nice) version of Lucinda Williams.
I really like her 'Careful What You Wish For' song. Rarely does a song hit me straight away but that one sure did.
This is excellent. I am a big Jonatha Brooke fan - it is so nice when fandoms collide.

In addition to her solo albums, her earlier work is as part of a duo called "The Story." She is also a fun performer to see live if you have the chance.
That's so cool! Jonatha went to my high school, and I've always been a big fan of her work.
I am looking forward to see what this sounds like. Joss shows always have exceptional theme songs IMO.
Yeah, Litwal, I can't think of many better themes than those for Joss' shows. (Unless that swelling discordant note at the beginning of Lost counts...)

But anyway, new pictures and details about the theme song on the same day? Could it be? Are we actually going to be discussing relevant information?! Because I don't know if I'm prepared for that.
I've been a fan of hers since her song aired on "Prophecy Girl." She's a fine talent, and the fact that she worked with Keb'Mo', among others, on her latest album "The Works" makes me want it even more.

"All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me" sounds good - but yeah, "Careful What You Wish For" is niiice...
Listening to her clips she sounds like lighter (was going to say 'safer', but lets be nice) version of Lucinda Williams.

I don't hear that similarity. Lucinda Williams has that alt country sound going on. Jonatha Brooke's songs sound more straightforward folk/pop from what I've heard.

I'd be more intrigued if it was Lucinda Williams. Ah well. I'll probably like it when I hear it.
This sounds very good ! I'm so glad Dollhouse will have its opening theme, it's a shame so many shows don't anymore.

I'm also very curious to know who will score the show... Chris Beck maybe ? I'm just saying :)
Never heard of her, but Eric Bazilian is always lots of fun.
I got a CD of hers after Inconsolable - loved the song. Looking forward to hearing the theme.
I'm so glad Dollhouse will have its opening theme, it's a shame so many shows don't anymore.

I like themes in theory because it's nice to have a song directly related to the show but don't care for them in execution. I like that shows now-a-days skip straight to the show rather than waste 30 seconds on an opening sequence that gets tired rather quick. I know when watching the Buffy/Angel/Firefly and other DVDs I skip the opening sequence much more often than not.

That being said, I bet this theme will be kick-a**, I'll love it to pieces, and couldn't imagine the show without it. ;)
Theme song? Yes! Which means we'll get a decent opening sequence, unlike most shows on the air.
You know, I have no problem with theme songs. But all this hate for when shows don't have them perplexes me. For example, I'd hate if Lost had a theme song'd opening sequence. But I'd miss it if BSG didn't. Generally speaking, with the exception of, say, Enterprise, I think most shows make the right choice for themselves.

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Heh, well, we're different people then Whisper. Watching the intro's for Buffy, Angel and Firefly gets me into the mood of watching the shows themselves. Hearing them today still gives me a warm feeling of coming home. To me, they're part of the identity of the shows and I love them to bits. Here's hoping the Dollhouse theme song and title sequence will be as good :).

Having said that, I do agree with Bix: Lost has the perfect opening for that show. It just works, completely. But really, it's the unique nature and mysterious undertones that make the one-note just-font opening work for Lost. On the whole, I really greatly prefer longer opening sequences.

In fact, I usually even prefer the montage-type-sequence, like Buffy, Angel and Firefly had (and nowadays shows like 'Smallville' have) to the more stylised titles of say a 'Stargate Atlantis' (which at least has the actor's faces) or - however much I like it - something like the (again, very nice) opening titles for 'True Blood'. But I'm just weird that way :).
Is the song "There's more true lovers than one" ?

That's the song on her new album that she does with Eric Bazilian. You can hear clips of it on her site and at amazon.
Well b!x, I have to agree with you on the Lost and BSG lands, but I do find that I'd rather some of the shows I'm following, to have an opening sequence, rather than not. Lost it's an clear exception, but I wouldn't have minded if Heroes had one, even if was basically a surreal sequence like the one "The 4400" had.

Ghost Whisperer is actually a show with a very interesting Opening sequence. I'd imagine if Pushing Daisies had one, would look something like that.

Of course, HBO length opening sequence would be impossible on network tv.

It's just opening sequences just became so scarce and rare of late on network tv shows, an art that used to be so cool, that I really miss them.

I'm just so glad that we're gonna get another Joss show with a opening sequence, I don't think BtVS, Angel or Firefly would ever been the same, without those classic opening sequences and theme songs.
I believe there's an original song, so it's not on the album. I hope both the song and the title sequence are better than Drive's.
I hope the episodes are better than Drive's.
Oh c'mon, Drive wasn't so bad.
I should have added the YMMV, but it seemed like a bad pun. ;)
I liked Drive, but I'm not a fan of FOX's "Action Network!:!!!!one11!" thing, and it certainly seemed like they laid it down on that show. I still maintain the biggest problem FOX have is the Action Network label. How about being the quality drama network?

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For some reason I think the opening sequence from Drive, was better than some of the episodes. Sorry, Tim.

I'd be more intrigued if it was Lucinda Williams.

That's sort of what I meant.

I liked the Drive theme.

...Can't stop the phones, can't stop the world...
That's sort of what I meant.

It'd probably take her a long time to make the song though. I think her control enthusiasm is similar to Joss's. ;)

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