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October 01 2008

(SPOILER) Amy Acker guest stars on tonight's Private Practice. Oct. 1 at 9PM on ABC.

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lol just commented about this in the Fire and Ice thread. Go AMY!(even though I don't like the show) :P
Beat me to it hitnrun. I happened to see her since the TV was still on after Pushing Daisies (which I heart altogether too much- so happy it's back). Amy looked good and was breaking my heart as usual. So I guess I'll be watching Private Practice tonight.
I totally missed most of it :( From what I saw, she was awesome as usual!
Yay, can't wait to watch this episode! I'm not a regular viewer, but I'll definitely watch the show for Amy.
Wait, if it goes well for Amy, that surely means she'll pull out of Dollhouse, maybe this is why she hasn't appeared in any pictures so far!!



Whedon alert to cyan surely?
Or Puce at the very least !
Beat me to it, Onthedrift- I love Pushing Daisies, delighted it's back. Hadn't changed the channel yet, and saw "Amy Acker" in the credits, so I hung around. She was great, as always, but not in it nearly enough. Can't wait for Dollhouse, just to see her again.
she was great.... love her
Not even for Amy :-) And besides, it conflicted with the season premier of Dirty Sexy Money.

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