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October 02 2008

Dingos Ate My Baby - A real-cool fake band. Entertainment Weekly has selected Buffy the Vampire Slayer's very own Dingoes Ate My Baby as one of 20 Real-Cool Fake Bands from TV and Movies.

Seth Green actually made it on the list twice -- he was also in Dujour from Josie and the Pussycats.
Best comic book movie ever.
JMaloney beat me to it. I had to pause browsing the list to put on the soundtrack.
I still want the Dingos poster that was in Buffy S4. I thought about remaking it with Illustrator or something, but I don't think my artistic abilities are up to it. I'll live and hope.
Uber happy for dingos and i do love Dujour but what about Steel Dragons from Rockstar? Great soundtrack!
MattK It's out there. I know because a couple three years ago one of the gals I roomed w/@MCB had one. Smaller, but otherwise an exact replica.

We used it when we did our "Hush" tribute - it was on the "Buffy/Willow" side of our room, along w/Giles' transparencies. (One of the gals bought transparencies, put the scene on pause, and traced them. Pretty damn cool. Danny Strong was totally impressed. But I digress.)

Not sure where she got the poster, though. Try Google?
Quoth ShadowQuest:
MattK It's out there. I know because a couple three years ago one of the gals I roomed w/@MCB had one. Smaller, but otherwise an exact replica.
Not sure where she got the poster, though. Try Google?

Someone has done some (unofficial, undoubtedly unlicensed) Dingoes posters at CafePress: large poster here and variant design on various merch here.

Quite some time ago I tried to get in touch with them to see if I could buy their vector art, but didn't get a response. :-( I'd love to make up some full-sized Dingoes posters.

Of course, if M.E. or anyone in a position to produce official merch was to release a full-sized repro of the Dingoes poster, I'd buy that like a shot. :-)

Dingos Ate my Baby has to be the number one best name for a fake band, ever.
But I have to give it up for Spinal Tap as best total parody band ever (and because the whole hilarious movie was about the band).

And Stillwater in Almost Famous for the most convincing fake band ever, still with the comedy but not the "parody" that is Spinal Tap.
Plus, Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies. :)
No love for The Lone Rangers from "Airheads" or Wyld Stallyns from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"! Spinal Tap definitely gets props for an excellent parody, but in that genre, we can't forget the Rutles! Created by Niel Innes and Eric Idle, the Beatles satire band's 1978 mockumentary "All You Need Is Cash" is a classic! Their song "We've Arrived! (And to Prove It We're Here)" from the 1996 Archeology album gets stuck in my head FAR more often than I should admit. I never did see the second film, but the title made me laugh ("The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch")
One of my favorite pieces of Oz dialogue ever was:

Devon: "Man, we need roadies. Other bands have roadies."
Oz: "Other bands know more than three chords."
Devon: "But... that's just, like - fruity jazz bands."

I couldn't tell you how many times I've had similar conversations with band members in Real Life...
No love for The Lone Rangers from "Airheads" ....
narse | October 03, 14:22 CET

Oh yeah, I'd forgotten Airheads, a really funny movie. Maybe because they were never actually seen preforming? (That I can remember, I could be wrong).
No love for The Commitments?

Otis Day and the Knights? (Originally a fictitous band, later became a real one!)
MattK - The CafePress posters are not a true facsimile of the original poster. If you want an ultra-high quality giclee reproduction, go to and click on William Berube on the right hand side of the screen. I don't want to post my web address here, but you can contact me through that site.

PS - The original screen used poster resides in my collection.

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