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October 02 2008

The Joss House - a special event. The Sci Fi Channel in Australia will be paying tribute to our man Joss by airing Buffy, Angel and Firefly back to back in November.

That could actually be a first for any tv network.

So, did they pick the starting episodes at random or something? And since when does Firefly have a 6th season?
Those are ridiculous episodes to start off on; but yay for showing whedon shows on tv. If only I lived in Australia...
oh, wait. What am I talking about? I own all of Angel and Buffy on DVD. silly me.
Well Sci-Fi is already showing them now (except Firefly, that's why it's starting at ep 1)... They're probably just moving all three shows to the Sunday night timeslot and continuing them where they're currently at
And someday, they can air Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse! Maybe Serenity too! Go Aussies!
And since when does Firefly have a 6th season?

That season was to have the Spike cameo from what Joss said in an interview ages and ages ago.
Chinese Joss houses were traditional places of worship- which makes the name really appropriate! I hope this 'Whedon TV' idea really takes off.

And from what I heard about Firefly Season 6, Mal was supposed to cross over to the dark side. You know, with the sex and stuff.
That season was to have the Spike cameo...

The creepy interviewer who hoped Eliza would be naked?
Alas no.

From Serenity... Joss Whedon Interview

Could Serenity take place in the same universe as Buffy but the monsters were taken care of long ago?

I think you could make an argument for it, but I wouldn’t. The only thing we ever thought of doing is having a drunken and very miserable Spike at a bar just sitting there going, ‘Nothing changes. Trust me, nothing changes.’ That would’ve been in our decadent era. That would have been like season six. But no, I have to think about them as totally separate because they have different sensibilities and they have different sets of rules.

LOL @ Simon, I thought you were joking!
Has anyone ever told you that you rock harder than a room full of Southern grannies on speed?
Told him? I think he has it tattoo'd on his XXXXX.

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