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October 02 2008

Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku talk Dollhouse. A five-minute video interview.

That is a very fun interview, and I am really looking forward to this show!
That was well ace. They're so enthused for Dollhouse. Can't wait to see it.
This is the kind of publicity I like to see, and I like the fandom to see. Awesome stuff.
They are so cute and silly together it is hard to imagine how they get any work done! :)
Joss and Eliza always give such fun interviews, it's lovely to see.
I think Joss's voice was kind of husky... But Eliza was HOT!
I want to see the chess episode shazammit!
Very nice. Joss is ever witty, both Joss and Eliza seem to have a really solid grip on what the show is supposed to be, and everything he has revealed about the show sounds very very promising.

Nice to see something positive about Dollhouse rather than incessant doom-mongering.
Nice jolly interview. Except the part where the interviewer put his hand on Eliza's shoulder and asked if she was going to "please" take her clothes off in the show. ew.
So adorable, love the little kiss at the end. Come on January.
Except the part where...

Yeah. Tough for me to get all excited about a positive interview when it's marred by the creepy.
In fairness Joss started it by saying he gets the characters to take their clothes off.
they really need a new logo.
something exciting.
the font is..
the whole thing..
i could have made it on mspaint when i was 7.
Oh that silly "Joss Whendon" :-P
they really need a new logo.
something exciting.
the font is..
the whole thing..
i could have made it on mspaint when i was 7.

almost cookies | October 03, 01:08 CET

I agree on the logo. Well, I couldn't do that, but it just looks very eh. Not very attention grabbing and also won't look great on merchandise. XD
OMG, the fact they spelled Joss's last name wrong in the description must absolutely mean they have no faith in the show. It's time to panic. ;)

I don't mean anything that I just said.

Truthfully, this interview is actually getting me hopeful.
Ah. Did we know it was gouda pizza? And clearly if it was the right food to inspire Dollhouse, it was in fact good-a pizza.
ok. I'm leaving now.
The chemistry between Joss and Eliza is great. I really do feel like they are on the same page when it comes to “Dollhouse.” It’s wonderful to get some positive news about the show.

*sigh* I’m always amazed at how beautiful she looks.
Q: Have you ever worked together before?
Joss: We have never met.

They are such fun to watch, although the interviewer kinda did the objectifying thing with Eliza: the clothes-off thing, which I must admit I secretly sympathized with, and then not going for the handshake right away at the end.
Gouda is maybe my favorite cheese, though I can be fickle, but it's best at room temperature - melted on bread? Yech. Joss seemed a little off at the temperature, too. Though he always brings the coherence in some form.
This definitely made me smile. Is it just me or was Spike serious about getting his name from the show? Ok, maybe not, but I still enjoyed the interview. Also...Oh my god, Eliza was absolutely gorgeous. She is stunning and entertaining and enjoyable every time I see her. I'm thrilled she's getting her own show and I'm quadruple thrilled that Joss is making it : )
Fun interview. And yes Eliza looks amazing!

The reporter was a bit creepy, but what irritated me the most was the fact that, in the end, he shaked Joss'es hand but had no intention of shaking Elizas.
I agree with the ewwwww comments, talk about a completely chauvinistic interviewer. Did you notice how he asked Eliza the clothes off/stunts/airy fairy questions, but seemed to be almost deferential to Joss.

But you know what they say, Joss brings (or wears) the cheese...the fans bring the whine!

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In fairness Joss started it by saying he gets the characters to take their clothes off.

In fairness that nonetheless doesn't create an excuse for going out of your way to place your hand on someone you're interviewing and saying you hope they will be one of them.
I think what was worse was that he didn't seem to even look at her when he asked her stuff and the handshake thing that others have mentioned.

But, still, good interview. 'Knight to E4. Tune in next week!'
Joss and Eliza were very entertaining.
The interviewer? Creepy. Definitely of the creepy.
I really enjoyed the interview. It's completly obvious that Eliza and Joss are going to make Dollhouse worth watching (not that anyone would doubt that).
Everything they said- lovely. Can hardly wait. But gouda pizza? If we're voting-I'm saying no. Pretty much the last cheese for the job.
Yep, I agree that Joss and Eliza were great and the interviewer was a bit worrying. Not just the I-hope-you-get-your-kit-off thing and the awkward handshake, but cutting Eliza off mid-sentence twice as well. Also, that autocue intro that while Joss did it, was obviously meant for the interviewer:

"Imagine the perfect date, she can do anything, be anything and feel anything. And when you're done, you can simply wipe her memory clean. . ."

I'm really uncomfortable with that second sentence. It's not all that inaccurate, but it's spinning the show's concept into a dangerous area. I've got no worries about the content of the show (admittedly only because it's Joss) because these issues will be addressed in a serious way, but I am concerned about the marketing/media approach that will be tempted to go with a more sleazy angle, like the above.
Not on the interview, but on Dollhouse in general. Does anybody know what this means? I was walking in the hills this morning, and found an old flyer for it, then found the same thing online. 15th Anniversary of what? Google is not being friendly.
Does anybody know what this means?

Looks like a club: Dollhouse Hollywood and Vine. Get your dancing shoes on. And find a time machine, since the event was last year.

On topic, I love the interview. I've never managed to watch much of Spike Feresten's talk show on Fox on Saturday night. His humour is a pretty much of the take it or leave it sort, and from what little I've seen, most nights I can pretty much leave it.

I wonder it this interview was done for the show.
A great interview, and I agree with gossi that this is the kind of publicity we need.

I didn't think Spike was being "chauvinistic."

...And dreamlogic, I'm pretty sure that has absolutely nothing to do with our Dollhouse.
No, bigsofty, Hollywood and Vine was a restaurant/club. It was only a couple of years old when it closed. I'm wondering about what the name refers to, though I agree it probably has nothing to do with the show.
Considering that flyer, at least the one linked here, is from an event in 2007, I think we can go far beyond that it "probably" has nothing to do with the show.
If you're not at all curious about something that is purported to have been called Dollhouse for 15 years, you're probably right not to be, but I am.

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