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October 03 2008

Danny Strong's Recount airs tonight in the UK. More4, 9pm.

Thank you for the alert. Much appreciated.
Yes cheers from me too. Didn't know it was airing tonight.
Wait, if other TV shows do well in the UK, that means that people won't want to watch new TV like Dollhouse!

Whedon Alert Level to that horrible purple colour E4 use for their logo.
No problem. I'm surprised we got it so soon but then again all the channels are desperate for anything US Election related. I wonder if it'll get shown on C4 later.
...which handed George W Bush the 2000 election.

Geez, spoil the ending for us will you! No point watching now.

Apart from all the drama, good acting and great writing of course.
Oh this will be a really interesting insight into US politics (and the way it should NEVER be done)! Enjoy.
I cannot recommend this highly enough. It's terrific, very well-researched and manages to be suspenseful even though we all know the ending.
John Hurt as Warren Christopher was inspired casting.
I agree Simon, Hurt was great in the part, as is Tom Wilkinson as James Baker. Funny how us Yanks needed to classy Brits to play our Political Kingmakers.

zz9 - I know you're quoting from the article, but what was fascinating to me about "Recount" is the way that both sides tried to force an outcome that favored their guy. Even though the movie came with an obvious agenda, it did show fairness in that regard. Props to Mr. Strong and the other folks who put it together.
Kyrax, I too give Danny huge props for giving a fair portrayal. I suspect a few people in Hollywood would have shows the Republicans as baby-eating puppy-kicking ogres, especially given the seven years of hindsight of GWBs record. Here both sides were shown as sincere in their belief that they were doing the right and honourable thing.
I briefly met Danny Strong in LA, just after his script was voted "Most highly thought of" (or something similar) and got to shake his hand and congratulate him. I got to see Recount just after it's US airing (cough*Bittorrent*cough) and can see why his script was so highly rated.

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