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October 03 2008

A Very Unique Karaoke Night and "My Freeze Ray". YouTube video of Stanley, the puppet, performs "My Freeze Ray" in lounge singer style karaoke.


I see Stanley also posted an ELoE Application.
Awesome! Curious how the creator got the music with the vocals stripped out.
Interesting. Thanks, Clay.
After a few beers, this is striking me as the coolest thing ever. I'm surprised there are so few posts. The only thing that could make this any cooler would be to have puppet Angel singing instead.
Agreed Succatash. This is so cool, I'm sorta surprised not more people have noticed it. Meh.
Very cool. Definitely my favorite cover. And is he wearing a sweater vest?

The banana thing in the ELoE application made me laugh too.
He applied for Real World Sidney too! Hee. This is so awesome.

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