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October 03 2008

Favorite Food Songs. J-Mo's latest and possibly greatest. J-Mo means Jed and Maurissa.

ETA punctuation and evade the wrath of Lord Zeitgeist.

ETfurtherA Anyone else want to hear their demo of "My Eyes Are On the Rise"?

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Some people have too much talent. Even when piss drunk, they are cute, funny, and clever.

They should be made to share.
Oh, I wonder how long that will stay up.
Probably until someone figures out if "pills" is broad enough not to be an admission of a criminal act ;).

Funny, harmonious and pissed don't always go together but those crazy kids make it work. Hi-larious.
That was uh...interesting.

And very funny.
That was highly entertaining, and my favorite line was: "Vegan lasagna is shi**y and soy-based, Chuck E. Cheesy..."

Since I'm currently in day #83 of a soy-based diet, I'm so right there with that sentiment!

I might actually be crushing on Maurisa now, to boot. What talented people.
Wonderful - and you know it's love when you can entertain each other endlessly with only your voices and made-up verses. (This reminds me of a woeful Irish lament my partner and I sing about our laptops on the way to the Apple store at the Grove.)

I said I would write a pome if J-Mo posted this video, and they did, so in their honors, then, a little ditty. (It's too long for the youtube character count, so I can't post it as a comment with their video...)

Secret Mondays

Stuck in an L.A. traffic commute-y nightmare situation
We could bitch and nag or moan and complain,
Step on the gas, get furious, hit the horn,
Fret about the road, our lane, the weather, each other.
Forestall experience, stare out the window, put off everything
Until we get there.

But we are on this trip together,
And most of our Dock-u-mentary
Is the road, so we smile at each other
and make pasta rhymes of lamborghinis con la mozzarella;
the soggy noodles mixed in with the cheese,
and everything piled high with our beautiful voices.

We are moved to verses; we celebrate consonants
We like eating food and we like to sing about the food we like to eat.
We roll our "R's" - she holds the note
and he blends in effortlessly, like sauce.
All foods can be sung, a cappella,
and there is no reason to ever be bored.
Food songs! for a Secret Monday.
This is how we handle the road.
bix- Well, they filmed it back on Labor Day weekend, so it's not like they posted it on Youtube while drunk... probably. So they know what they are doing, I guess, hehe.
Yeah, I only realized that later, heh.
Hilarious! They are unbelievably talented.
I want to be friends with them.
Most people aren't nearly that funny when drunk (unless I'm drunk, too, of course). I was kind of embarrassed until they started singing. Then I was laughing. Loudly.
Talk about two people who absolutely should get married.
Most people aren't nearly that funny when drunk ...

Yeah but we sure think we are ;).

And it inspired a po-yum too, whoever said no good ever came from the demon drink ? Pfft and pshaw ;).
I am jealous of their abilities while drunk! still laughing and now hungry!
They have PhD on Awesomeness, right? That was great.
Currently the top two items on that page under "Related Videos" are "My Butt's Cold" and "Re: Naked lapdancing!"

ETA that I trust there will be a sing-along to this at the upcoming Halloween event, right?

Not that, at the moment, I can even consider trying to get down for it.

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I don't think Jed and Maurissa were really all that slurry drunk. I bet they could be way more drunk and we wouldn't even know it. JT and Mo on the other hand....
The best thing to hit the Interwebs since Dr. Horrible?
Mmm. I'm a bugger for impromptu (well, not really, but you know) and sparkling harmonies. Lovely.
Whatever their state of inebriation, their harmonies are beautiful - and they made me laugh out loud several times!

Yes, Pointy, I do want to hear their demo version of "My Eyes".
That was all flavors of sunshine on a cloudy day. Off to raid kitchen.
It was so CRUEL! They sang about In-N-Out hamburgers!! I am former resident of sunny SoCal who now lives in RI where there are no In-N-Out hamburgers! It's 1 AM and I want an In-N-Out hamburger and the nearest one is three time zones away!

(OK.. my breakdown is almost over...)

I loved the harmonies, the silliness... I was smiling through it all (until they mentioned the hamburgers!!!)
I've still never had an In-N-Out burger. Maybe next trip.
In-N-Out burgers are overrated, IMO. Not that they're bad, but if I feel like killing myself with fast food, I like Tommy's better. Nice one, QG ;)
Ha - I live in L.A. and I've never had an In-N-Out burger, either. Why? Fellow-Californians, should I? Am I missing The California Burger Experience? There's apparently one 1.34 miles from me, so it wouldn't be all that hard to get to... (Oh, look, dreamlogic answered my question while I was typing it - thanks! And praise from a poet feels like praise indeed.)

Incidentally, later on in the day, J-Mo in their Dr. Horrible disguise twitted/tweeted/twittered/twooted/tw*tted about "Favorite Food Songs" and also thanked me for my pome, which made my day.

There's something about couples that make art together and share their creative lives that I find so familiar & happy-making & J-Mo's food-singing is like how my partner and I play, only they 1) sing a lot better than we do and 2) are, um, a little bit younger than we are - than I am, especially. Oh, and 3) they have a white coverlet, which we would not be able to have without ruining it right away.
I think they're overrated too, but it's pretty blasphemous to say so around here.
We made a midnight run to have a In-N-Out burger while we were in Cali for the Browncoat Backup Bash... the crowds were huge. (we barely got a parking spot)

I have no idea what the big deal is- I wasn't impressed with In-N-Outat all, there was nothing magical or special about it.

It's possible that I wasn't wow-ed because I grew up in a state full of Whataburger restaurants, I don't know.

Maybe I should harmonize my love of the double-double? (grin)
Count me as someone who's never had an In-N-Out burger either. Then again, even if presented the opportunity, I don't eat hardly any fast food...
Jed and Maurissa are just adorable, and you crazy folks have got me craving an 'animal style' In and Out burger.
Too bad I'm in Australia!
I love In-N-Out burgers hugely, as do my kids. Easily the best we've had here. Although the burgers at the Redwood are pretty damn good too.
The best thing about In-N-Out burgers is that the kiddy meals are cheap, and there's no stupid, unbreakable promo toy. (Curse you McDonald's!)

I like their burger song, and the harmony - smooth. This definitely puts Robins William's theory on drunken pronunciation to rest. I definitely heard consonants, and in harmony no less. Nicely done!

ETA: My apolgies to McD. I had momentarliy forgotten that I acquired my Animal doll from them. (But the pink jellyfish flashlight. Honestly, what were they thinking?)

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Yays...this made my day
Mainly at this point, I want that beef and pickle taco.
Mainly at this point, I want that beef and pickle taco.

bix my friend, you may have crossed the line here. I mean....surely you meant peppers or something else?
Did you not watch the video?
Maybe those pills were like magic beans, magic singing beans!
I had heard people rave about In-N-Out burgers for several years, so saltygoodness took me there on the way to the airport after Comic-Con. I found the burger to be very tasty - moist, juicy, in a home-made style - and very cheap! I would definitely go there again. When I got home, I was told I should have tried their milkshakes! ;)

Now if you're ever in Vancouver (BC), my favourite hamburgers are at White Spot or Vera's Burger Shack, both local franchises. I could sing songs about them. ;)

B!x, the beef and pickle taco did sound good.
Jed and Maurissa harmonize like beef with pickles.
Or like peaches and cream - basically all the great food harmonies (or fharmonies). Hell, they give food Freebie and food Bean a run for their harmonious money (harmoney ?). OK, Bean already is a food but you know what I mean.
Somewhat staged but nice melodies and adorable couple.
Aw, they're sweet together. Me likey all the songs, favourite bit was "Yahtze" just for total randomness...
I also think it was a little staged. They might have been a little drunk, but not that drunk. They are good actors though... lol
But it was funny and sweet, and the melodies were great.

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