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July 24 2003

Buffy ecomics now online at the BBC Cult site and read the first part of Doug Petrie's "Ring of Fire" set just after Jenny Calendar's death.

There's a related interview with Doug Petrie about "Ring of Fire" and the show itself as well.

Loved the Giles graveyard scenes, the writer certaintly captured the essence of season 2 in them.

Oooooh cool. Set in S2. When Giles still, you know, mattered to Buffy.

This is a cool story - not sure about the drawings.
I thought the art was certain. Darker than season two perhaps but I like the modern gothic feel. And it visually flowed real well. The pacing was very reminiscient of the tv show, and the dialogue was for the most part spot on. I haven't really taken a serious look at the Buffy comics before. Might should do some 'research' on that. It was wonderful to see the chemistry between Dru, Spike and Angelus again. I miss that. Sometimes I think it woulda been better if Angel never turned back. He made such an excellent villian.
Set this page as my desktop wallpaper. Reminds me of a scene from Alan Moore's Watchmen which is kinda ironic.

Zachsmind I'd recommend the Tales of the Slayer (Joss Whedon, Amber Benson etc) comic book and the Spike and Dru one (Chris Golden and James Marsters) as well.

But as you can see from the Dark Horse Buffy timeline there's a lot of trade paper backs.
I'm not a big fan of comics, usually I can make heads nor tails of 'em. But this did indeed flow really well and it felt like a real Buffy episode. I could *hear* Willow speak.
Loved it. I have Tales of the Slayers, but a lot of the Buffy comics aren't as spot-on as this. Plus, the comics seem to have an over-abundance of appearances by Pike, of all people. (Luke Perry's character from the original movie.) Yeesh.
Ain't nothin' wrong with Pike. I actually thought that Perry's understated performance was probably the best thing about the movie. For those who don't think much of the movie, of course, that isn't saying much.
The stuff written by Amber Benson looks interesting. I recall thinking that at one time it would have been ideal if Willow & Tara had gotten to do a spinoff like Angel did. Maybe one or the other wouldn't have stood alone, but the two of them together would have made for a great series. So seeing them together in a comic book might be the next best thing. However, just how apocryphal is any of this stuff? Especially if it mentions Pike?

I agree Simon - that one page makes great wallpaper. I stretched it which makes it look even more ominous.
Okay, I've gotten many of the comics, a good 25 of the Buffy series, both Angel series and Fray plus various collected books, and the only time I saw Pike mentioned/used was in The Origin, where Joss' original Buffy movie script was used on a mini-series.

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