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October 04 2008

James Marsters signed to read remaining Dresden Files audiobooks. Jim Butcher Online posts details of the upcoming releases.

Ooooh, you have me doing the happy dance on this dark & stormy day! Thank you!!!!!
Oh that's great news!

He does a wonderful job with those books and I can't imagine anyone else taking them over
Yeah! April 2009 will be a big month for James with the DragonBall premiere and three audiobooks being released. He's going to be spending tons of time in the audio booth.
Woo and hoo. I never could listen to James' readings when I'm around people - I just don't think people are ready to see my lively expressions. Sometimes I stop and rewind at the "good moments". Damn, but I cannot see/hear anyone else do this and get the same reaction. Jim is a very smart man to stick with James.

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