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October 04 2008

Felicia Day wants to sell you a washer and dryer! Cute new Sears commercial from our own Felicia.

She can sell me a major appliance any day!

I saw that for the first time after the HOUSE episode she guest starred in.

Now the commercial is regular rotation and I see it all the time.

I love that little sigh "yeah" she does at the end, don't know why...
I laughed hysterically when I saw her in that uniform. Not in a malicious way, though. Like when your friends gets a job at Burger King or Tim Hortons and you see them in the uniform complete with the visor for the first time. You can't help it.
I love the commercial (even if it wasn't Felicia Day, but she makes it bonus) because I'm -so- that lady who buys things that are red.

I mean, all of my kitchen appliances (blender, can opener, etc. etc.)
I had fallen asleep with the TV on when I heard Felicia's voice in my sleep and woke up to see her hawking red appliances. LOL! Now THOSE are some mad selling skillz! :-)
Does she do Special K ads as well? Cause there was a blink and miss it moment for me on the telly a couple of weeks back?
I saw this a few nights ago and was going to look it up on youtube. Guess I didn't have to.

But it was funny, I was sitting on my laptop not really paying the tv much attention when all of a sudden I hear this voice and I glanced at the tv thinking nothing of it. But as I glanced I caught a glimpse of this red hair and had to double take. Yup, it was Felicia alright and I thought it was strange and yet hilarious at the same time. Kinda like when I realized it was TJ Thine in those car or insurance or whatever commercials, the one with the witch doctor.
I keep seeing Tom Lenk in that Cambell's soup commercial, too.
What is with this girl and Laundry?

Dr. Horrible?
Now Sears?
So she sells them but clearly can't afford one of her own if she has to go to a laundromat. They must pay really badly.

If only she had her own washer at home she'd never have met Dr Horrible and still be alive today...

(On the other hand I think commercials pay quite well for actors,plus repeat fees etc.)
Simon, Here you go.
She must be doing a lot of commercial work, because she is in that Extra gum commercial as well.
I've heard about this ad on twitter but I hadn't been able to find it. thanks,it was really funny. and I like the tags.
Ah, Nightshot I was just going to say the same thing! Clearly laundromats are good for Felicia Day's career!
Oh how Titans have fallen. Perhaps we should add a bit of humbleness here please.
At least it's "clean" living.

I'll escort myself out now.
Doing commercials is equated with having "fallen"? Huh?
Commercials pay the bills.
It's not just advertising. It's also art. I think Felicia was great here. Very subtle about the colour.
Do all laundry machines have a Felicia standing next to it? Mine look awfully plain now. At least I don't have to worry about cheese stains.

I love seeing her pop up in these things. Makes me actually watch the commercials.
Maybe it will become something like those coffee commercials were for ASH. Makes me wish we had Sears here.
Poor choice of words, think better next time.
When was Felicia a Titan? Seriously, she is still a complete unknown. For now.

Madhatter, who are you replying to. Whose words do you think are chosen poorly?

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-10-05 00:35 ]
Tamara, I was referring to myself.
Oh. Well that makes sense, I guess.
Don't worry about it, Madhatter. We all do it.
'Appliance' is really not their middle name, isn't there a Trade Descriptions act in the US ? What's in the middle of four anyway, it's a frikkin' even number McTalky Dude ?

Luckily, Ms Felicia Day does a great job and also is not colour blind. In this way, Sears is redeemed.
I think Felicia is more of a Titian than a Titan...
(And so is the washer!)
I agree with Floofypooh, Felicia is more of a Titian... and the sky's the limit.

It looks like we're all tumbling in love with her.
Well, I can see this thread's washed up already...
At least it's not bleeding.
It will be, by the end of the third act.
Thank you, Madhatter, for your nonlinear comments :)
I kept hearing about this ad on Twitter, but hadn't seen it until this thread. Then last night I was watching my tape of Friday's episode of Life and there she was! I had to rewind to watch the whole thing, as I do whenever I see her on the Extra gum commercial.
Is it sad that I think that commercial is hotter than the Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial? lol

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