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October 05 2008

All Seasons of Buffy and Angel for $20 each including a DVD of the Cast Reunion Panel at Best Buy. Buy one or more of these DVD sets and get the panel DVD for free (otherwise it's $4.99).

Is this the first we've heard of a Paley Reunion DVD, or did I miss some key news?
I was just about to ask the same thing, SNT. Looks like it's released on Tuesday. Wonder if it's a Best Buy exclusive or if other retailers will be carrying it.
Saw the ad in the flyer. I was wondering what the "bonus" was...thanks. Just purchsed the bonus disc alone - already have all the other DVD's I really want.
Alas, the sale doesn't extend to Best Buy Canada. If they are going to buy out our stores, the least they can do is give us the same bargains, methinks.
Ordering the Paley DVD alone (FINALLY), since I already have all the Buffy seasons. I've been looking forward to seeing the cast reunited, and the discussions about the comics, and Seth's widely-acclaimed jokes, and Sarah and James quipping about being each other's "slave", and and and. :D
I'm thinking this might be an opportunity for someone to buy say, 20 of these Paley DVD's and sell them on ebay to the folks who can't purchase from Best Buy in USA....
Man... $20 each... T_____T
I'm dying inside. I wish I could buy it.
I'm thinking this might be an opportunity for someone to buy say, 20 of these Paley DVD's and sell them on ebay to the folks who can't purchase from Best Buy in USA....

Best Buy only ships to USA...? Darn. There goes my enthusiasm.

*bookmarks eBay* :P
Seems a great way to encourage piracy going the Best Buy route .
i wish they'd sell the collectors editions at some discounted price too---then i'd maybe be able to convince myself into re-purchasing the series =D
You can buy just the Paley disc for 4.99 if you want to.

I just ordered Season three because I've loaned out my whole set and it's the only season I didn't have more than one of.

I really hope it's going to be the slim set though. Those are so much better than those bulky, irritating originals.

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I can finally use that Best Buy gift card!
I'm amused that it's been offered with Stargate boxsets.
Yipeee! I can finally buy the season of Angel I'm missing! :)
This is great! Does anyone know if this is an online only thing, or will be in-store too?
Just ordered the DVD extra and that was online only, hitnrun017. It looked like the other DVDs could be ordered online and picked up in store, which means they can probably be purchased in store as well (but I'm not sure).

I also picked up Season 3 of HIMYM which is due to come out on the same day! Woo hoo! Now if someone could just gift me the time to sit down and watch them...
hitnrun017, I'm pretty sure it's both instore and online because it's shown in the ads.
Thanks for this post! I just ordered the bonus disc since I have all seasons.

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You can buy just the Paley disc for 4.99 if you want to.

But only if you're in the USA right?

Grrr... I guess I'll be looking at ebay shortly then.
Only in the US and only at Best Buy? Bummer. I'd have paid good money for this.
I'm having my doubts about this. At no point is the Paley Center mentioned and the disc is produced by Fox. I have a feeling that they're selling the "extras" disc from the Chosen Collection. Is there any way to check on this?

Oops! I didn't read the disc cover. My bad.

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I'm having my doubts about this. At no point is the Paley Center mentioned and the disc is produced by Fox.

No, it says here: "Participating in a revealing panel discussion, the cast and writers of the demon-demolishing series reunited this year to answer your questions."

Keywords: This year.
Enisy beat me to it :)

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Also, it says on the front of the pictured DVD, "Cast Reunion Panel Filmed at the Paley Festival".
And I had to buy all the seasons when they were $60...
Did they edit out the "what's on your iPod?" question (and answers)? I heard it was pretty distracting and unrelated to the show.
Ugh, that freaking iPod question. Whoever asked that should be ashamed of themselves. We get most of the cast together for an hour to talk about the show, and they ask a completely idiotic question that took up five minutes.

They should of just not let fans ask questions. Like when it was announced there would be one more question, the person doesn't even ask one and just confesses their love.
I like this idea. Maybe we will have a DVD of Dr. Horrible Comic-Con panel too sold around the same time as the Dr. Horrible DVD with attached comic! Please, Best Buy attach a comic and sell us a bonus dvd! You know we'd buy it. Either that or Joss already included it in the "awesome extras".

I hope all the Conventions start to realize they is a market out there for this.

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"And I had to buy all the seasons when they were $60... "

This just depresses me. :(
Who's bashing the big boxes? I prefer them immensely compared to the slim-packs. With the box art, especially, they're way better than some slim DVDs. What I've been doing has been replacing my well worn seasons, i.e. the ones with 3+ discs that are scratched too badly, by buying the slim packs when they're $20, throwing out the old dvds, replacing them with the new ones in the big boxes, and throwing out the slim-pack casing. So far I've had to do it with season 2, 3 of buffy and 5 of angel. I've actually been re-watching both series to see how much damage their is so I know what seasons I have to re-buy.
Point is, pretty-box art>>>>>>>>>>>>> slim packs.

Also, I'd like to see the Paley Fest DVD available in Canadian Best Buys, thank you.
These DVDs haven't sold for $60 for years. I think the viewing/owning enjoyment anyone's gotten since then is worth the price difference.

And even if some of the questions to the panel were poor, I hope they don't edit anything!
Yes, I have enjoyed my DVDs and only retain mild bitterness at the price drop. Though, I think I'll buy all the seasons again so that I can have the smaller boxes. They're much more convenient then the larger, fold-out sets. Plus, my discs are old and scratched since I bought them all when they first came out.
I did order the Bonus Disc alone, since I have both shows complete. Even if they did edit the panel, I still have the mp3 audio of the event. This will certainly boost sales of Buffy, Angel and Firefly again. It also shows me that those who "came late" to the show get all the benefits because DVD sets are cheaper now than back then. On the other hand, it keeps classic shows popular, even more than the current crop of shows.
As for the idea of a two-disc Dr. Horrible DVD set including the panel, I don't know if Best Buy will issue that, but let's hope someone made a good video of that panel to make it happen.
It's a shame Stargate: Atlantis season four isn't included in this sale, otherwise I would've jumped at the chance to get this. But for now I think I'll just say no.
Apparently some stores are carrying the bonus disc today. A poster at another forum stated that the DVD is 85 minutes long. Was that the length of the panel?
just keep in mind, that for the 100 bucks all angel seasons will cost you, you can also get the shiny "Angel - Seasons 1-5 30-Disc DVD Set" from Amazon and the likes.
Doesn't work anymore with the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Collector's Set (40 discs), which is just so expensive at the moment (I still got mine at I thin 120 dollars years ago when it came out!)
Thank you very much to The Hey for posting this as I may not have seen it otherwise until all of these were gone. $4.99 does not seem to be that much for this dvd seperately, and since we already have the original boxed sets, plus the Chosen set and all of Angel, that seemed the way to go. Hopefully this will be made available to people outside of the U.S. as well sometime soon!
Yes, 85 minutes was about the length of the mp3's.
Apparently some stores are carrying the bonus disc today.

Both of my local Best Buys had them -- I asked and was told I had to buy a DVD set to get the bonus DVD, which didn't have a price listed. I had all the Buffy sets, but just Angel S1, though, so I picked up S2 and the Paley DVD.
Anything you can tell us about the DVD? Menu? Any extras? Cool that you got it!
FYI, I was able to buy the bonus DVD online without any of the series DVDs. :-)
Stargate is included in this because FHE distributes the MGM show on DVD. Full season collections/gift sets tend to be on sale during the holiday season. Look for them.
Woohoo! I just ordered the disc online, and with free shipping to boot! I don't even have to drive to Best Buy!
I just went to the local Best Buy here and the disc rang up as "No charge", even without a purchase. Hey, my favorite price - free! (Most of the time, I'd settle for "reasonable"...)
Wait, they actually let you just have it?
Drove to my local BB and picked up the disc. But they didn't let me "just have it," ;-), so I (re)bought BtVS S2 to give to a friend. The Paley disc wasn't actually on display, but after I asked, the very friendly store associate went into the backroom and brought out a pile of a dozen, which he then placed prominently in the TV on DVD section.

Haven't a chance to watch it fully yet, but a quick review reveals that there are no special features/extras, other than the advertised event. That appears to be shown in full, however, beginning with the Paley L.A. Director Barbara Dixon's welcome, Matt Roush's funny panegyric, and Marti Noxon's introduction of "Once More With Feeling," (not shown, naturally). And then Matt Roush comes back out to introduce the cast, Marti, David Greenwalt, and Joss. Visual and sound quality seem to be very good, and there are some pan shots of the audience too, so you can spot people you may know . . .
I just ordered it for 5 bucks from Much easier than driving down to Best Buy and possibly having to re-purchase a dvd that I already have 2 copies of. I'm so glad that Best Buy is selling it by itself online.
I really dislike Best Buy and haven't shopped there since they tried to pull a fast one on me a couple of years ago. But, for this, I will make an exception.

When I've had my own personal boycotts like this, I've ended up making a tiny exception for something awesome, so... you know, principles, schminciples.
They let me just have it too.
theonetruebix - well, here's how it went down: I was going to buy something else, but I gave the girl at the counter the Paley disc first and held the other back (since there wasn't any price on the Paley disc) - and it rang up 0.00, so I said, "I know on-line this was marked as free with the purchase of any one of several other items, but I don't think this was one of them, even if you'd rung it up," and handed her the other item. She scanned the Paley disc again, shrugged, and said, "Well, it's ringing up no charge, anyway." So, yeah, considering that she hadn't even checked the other item yet, it rang up Free. (The item I was buying wasn't on the list at their website either, unless I completely overlooked it - I checked.)

ETA: I just thought of something - if the on-line disc has free shipping, I'll bet that's what the $4.99 is for, instead of actually charging for the disc.

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Just finished watching the whole DVD. I was a little disappointed that it is fullscreen rather than widescreen but otherwise, it was great. I first drove to one Best Buy but they were holding it for Tuesday but the 2nd Best Buy I drove to had a bunch of copies available and it also rang up free for me. Initially I was going to order it online but I have to wonder now that if some stores are making it available already, it might sell out by Tuesday. There were still a lot left at my local store but they don't seem to be keeping track of their inventory well if they're letting people walk out with them for free.
Well, they still have to be rung up, which means that it should be posting against their inventory anyway, free or not. Now, whether or not anyone actually checks that inventory, I don't know, but a big outfit like that should have an automated re-order function on their inventory system that sets an alert when the stock gets below a certain level. Really, it should be placing the re-orders automatically - I doubt the local store has much say over what gets stocked, as most big chains do that on the regional or national level these days.
I'm going to Best Buy on Tuesday to pick up The Simpsons Season 11 and The Happening so if they have a copy,I'll pick this up too.
I love the slim sets. I actually own multiple sets of all the seasons. The regular ones are a hassle to me, take up too much space, open them up and all the discs fall out.

I loan them out all the time. The only season I had only one set of was three, and I fixed that today. I'm a little disappointed though that they didn't include the showing of OMWF I would have liked to hear the audience reaction.
There was a fan report of the audience reaction to OMWF here, but yeah, I would have liked to hear it for myself, too.
I can't believe it's only for sale on BestBuy! That damn store won't ship outside the US. Grrr
Any chance of selling on Amazon as well? I'll keep an eye on ebay too. Damn it. :(
I'll add in my Grrr!, with a side of Aargh! for good measure re: the not shipping outside the US of A...

Would any kind soul be prepared to reship it to Australia for me?
I will of course pay for the discs and the (re)shipping.

In fact, I reckon I could easily find 10-20 people who would love this, so a bulk order would be even better if possible. (Just thinking out loud here.)


I'd love a copy of the 'extra' DVD, too. I was just checking the Canadian Best Buy and not only are they not offering the Paley DVD or even BtVS at $20 a series (still listed at $37.99), but they have a BtVS S2 set listed as 'widescreen' for $73.99!! I understood it was never filmed in widescreen - and why so expensive?

I would have picked up an Angel S5 set for $20, since somehow the first disk, which has some of my favourite episodes of the series on it, got scratched and doesn't always play right any more. If anyone wants to pick up the extra DVD for me, I'll gladly pay for shipping.
Oh darn it, they don`t ship outside of the US. I was meaning to buy the reunion disk.
Ok seeing as everyone else is asking - if anyone wants to do me a huge favour (I'd be very grateful) and get hold of the Paley DVD I'd gladly pay shipping to the UK and whatnot.

*pretty please*
Onto the subject of space problem, nothing saves more space than the Chosen Collection and the Angel Complete collection, and they look amazing on the shelf.
I know two Very Special Canadians that don't have to worry about getting ahold of the Paley Reunion disk themselves, on accounta I just ordered the maximum quantity allowable online*. I hope you know who you are.

So - If I bought you presents, do I get to call you Canucks? ; >

*ETA: Oooops - which was three (3).

ETAA: Oh, crapsie - I just remembered another fine Canadian friend that'll need one. Waah!?! I don't wanna give up my copy. *lip trembles.* Do I have to? Oh, double waah! No good deed goes unpunished...

ETND: m'cookies actual took care of my third Canadian friend, so we're all hunky funky. Thanks also, jcp - you folks are all great gobs of wonderfullness, which is, um, better than it sounds.

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Golly for those of you in the US (that Green Card lottery is starting to look VERY enticing!) but come on, what an unbelievably foolish move on the Paley Centre's part!

They were absolutely inundated with e-mails from fans at the time of the reunion, asking when this DVD was going to be released to the public. There were many of us who were willing to shell out $20 a pop for it.

And they go and just give it away! Tut tut.
I ordered a couple of extra copies, so if you're still looking for one, e-mail me at the address in my profile.
Golly for those of you in the US (that Green Card lottery is starting to look VERY enticing!) but come on, what an unbelievably foolish move on the Paley Centre's part!

Paley isn't giving it away, Best Buy is. I'm sure they paid a hefty sum for the right to use it as they chose. And, really, they are going to make more money moving DVD box sets with this than you can imagine. You may disagree with it, but I am sure that there is nothing foolish about this move.
Let's see. The Paley center didn't have to film it, didn't have to edit it, didn't have to manufacture it, and didn't have to distribute it, while probably getting a sizable fee. Yeah, "unbelievably foolish." Hee.
Best Buy in Virginia at least is giving it away for free, even without buying a box set, if you just ask for one. Usually it's marked as $0.01, but they scanned it up and it was free. cool.

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Thanks jcs- you've got mail!

I can appreciate that this kind of marketing has a purpose, and in fact Best Buy did the same kind of deal with the 'Supernatural' panel DVD a few years ago.

Paley knew there was a strong local and international interest in the Buffy reunion, and they'd already filmed it for their own archives. Manufacturing DVD copies is as cheap as chips and something they've done in the past as a revenue raiser.

The crux of the matter is-if Paley were so pleased with this tie in, why has there been NO advance publicity? For the MANY of us who took the time to send emails asking about the DVD release of the reunion, we were fobbed off with emails saying it would be made available 'soon', but never told there was a deal in place. I remain on Paleys mailing list, with cash at the ready, but have had no further communication from them about this.

With Best Buy not accepting international orders it seems that international fans, yet again, get the short stick. And, with the current financial situation, I don't think the US can afford to be quite so picky about whose money it takes!
I'll ask them, but I suspect the response is "criminally understaffed" and/or "part of the deal was that Best Buy does the promotion". Its not "the U.S.", its "Best Buy, Inc." who are based in Minnesota and are not an international chain. Given the current financial situation, do remember that banking is the world's most intertwined system; its not just the U.S. with failing banks.

And if you don't have international distribution, you can't really just turnkey the thing into existence overnight unless your business is entirely virtual (a la Hulu). I have faith that the rest of the world will see it (likely for free via P2P) just like everyone sees everything from everywhere while entertainment businesses are slow to stop clinging to regional release schedules..
"Manufacturing DVD copies is as cheap as chips"

This is a total myth. It simply isn't true. DVDs are much much cheaper than VHS tapes ever were, but don't perpetuate the myth that they are made, shipped, and distributed for pennies. It simply is not true. Best Buy is most likely taking a sizeable loss on this disc in order to create traffic in their stores and sell other DVDs.
International people could always opt to organize themselves somehow to push for more open markets and simultaneous release schedules rather than complaining on message boards the industries and governments in question couldn't care less about. ;)
jcs I've sent you mail - hope I'm not too late.....
Didn't mean for that to turn into anything preachy or judgey and it looks as though I've set a bad example there - I understand the annoyance of this and the desire to vent. Its easier to be rational about it when you live somewhere you can easily obtain the item in question (not that the internet allows lots of thigns to stay region-bound). I'm sure someone here would be happy to obtain a copy for you in any case. One of the many awesome things about our community. Apologies if it seemed I was leading an angry mob against you, missb, wasn't my intent.
Aww, I just found my pitchfork too.
I'm sure we'll find a use for it, Saje :).
You're just saying that to be nice, I bet I never get to go to a proper persecution *sulks*.
angry mob, is that Frankenstein I spot over there?

No probs zeitgeist- just give me a little notice before the next persecution and I'll bring the tar and feathers myself.

Given that 24% of Whedonesque users come from outside the US I am sure there are many others who feel the way I do. It's high up here on this horsey but I stand by everything I have said- trying to impose regional restrictions in a global economy is an act of madness- especially as many people, given the option, will just torrent rather than wait to pay a fair price. (Perhaps US based peeps who wonder why I'm fussing could imagine the outcome of the Becoming Part 2 saga if it happened today, or recall their efforts to procure the R4 Serenity disc after it was released with lots of extras!)

Bix- On my last 'crusade' which was to put closed captioning on DVD commentary, I ended up going all the way to Joss himself. Rather than just 'complain on a message board' about this, I have in fact written nicely to Paley, who sent back a terse reply saying that I was more than welcome to visit them in person to privately view the panel. I'm hardly going to dash off complaints to Best Buy when they are in fact doing so many fans a huge favour by offering this disc gratis and are stirring up continued interest in the cult fandom!
In this case, the squeaky wheel may get the oil, but I don't want them to stop making wheels altogether just 'cos people don't like the noise!

Now, if only someone, anyone, would set up a region free, ad free, pay per view, online TV channel, I'd literally throw money at them. Or, possibly, underwear.

/resume angry mob.
Things like Hulu are trying to change that clinging to old media ways from within. Granted they are bound by restrictions from their networks, but just getting all of this stuff up for free online and showing that people will still buy physical copies of shows they love... well, they will have mroe clout when they say things like "why not world wide?". Things never change as quickly as we would like them to, but they do change. I spoke with Paley about the DVD as well and well, they had a great reason for not announcing anything themselves, but I didn't ask if I could bring it up publicly, so I won't :).
I just went into the store and they gave me the Paley Center DVD for FREE!(I didn't buy anything else.) I'm not sure if it was an error or cuz our "market" up here is smaller, (wisconsin) Either way it rung up free and the girl didn't question it so neither did I..... :wonks: I'm so excited cuz I literally thought the only chance I'd ever to get to see it would be on my virgin voyage to Comic Con next summer, N by swinging by the Paley Center for a view! LOL

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Just a head's up for anyone looking to order this: I received an email today from Best Buy about the order I placed for this single disc on Monday. "The item is not yet available to be shipped. We expect to ship it within the next 1-2 weeks."
And a further head's up: my e-mail from Best Buy re: the order I placed yesterday said it was backordered. Looks as though they may have underestimated demand.
I ordered mine online and haven't gotten my delay-email yet - but then, I'm at the end of the alphabet and we always get everything after everyone else.

And I always had to sit in the back of the class, damnit.
Ah but sitting in the back allowed you to snooze or act up or do other things. Not that I would know, of course...
I went to Best Buy last night and they had a stack of holy grails sitting there all labeled $0.00!!!! I was so ecstatic but instead of just grabbing one and leaving I waited for one of the employees to come by to see if I was able to get one. She just handed it to me, saying yeah go for it. *happydance* So if you can actually go to a BB, you might as well since you'll probably get it for free instead of paying $4.99 (which is probably how much it costs to ship)
Just got an e-mail from Best Buy that it's backordered and they're canceling my order unless I call them to extend the waiting time.
Okay, I can't frakkin' believe they are still handing them out for free. And I can't believe Best Buy screwed up this badly. I am not an entitled fan, but I am a reasonably exacting consumer.

I ordered 3 online (the limit) on October 6th, right after it was posted here, for the $4.99 shipping price each. Heard for the next two weeks about people walking into Best Buys and getting them handed out like candy, no purchase required, etc.

Got a Best Buy email order confirmation, got an email the next day saying they were backordered, and then last night I, like Xander got the Best Buy email subject line: "Don't let your Best Buy order get cancelled."

That was a big WTF, so I called them immediately, got someone who looked up my order, who carefully explained to me what the email already implied - they couldn't fulfill my order and didn't "know when or if" they ever could.

I said, "You're gonna have to do a little better than that. I'm one of, I'm sure, tons of folks who ordered these online & were willing to pay, while people walked into Best Buy and got them just by asking. Your email says you'll do your best to fulfill my 'options more quickly.' Have you no copies of these available anywhere? I would like Best Buy to either help me locate one or more copies, or explain to me why they can't."

Of course the poor kid had no answer, but he did some clickety-clicking on his keyboard ("computer says no") and said there were no copies anywhere, that they were all out and had no plans to make anymore.

I asked that a manager call me back with an explanation - though I really don't expect that to pan out.

This is lame. It's beyond lame. I'm beginning to wonder what this was all about. The day after I placed my email, I got another email saying it was backordered for about two weeks, and then this. I ordered early and was willing to pay shipping. I'm also willing to wait, and pay a reasonable DVD charge in addition to shipping, if I can get some assurance that more will be made and I'll receive my order.

But what the hell? Best Buy is just all, "We don't have any, we don't know why, and that's it for you, little ordering lady."

Meanwhile, they continue to hand them out for free at stores... Arrgh.
I'll add my !@$#%&^*? to the mix, for I, too, received one of those emails about my back ordered now non-order. Rats!
When was the last time they were handing them out for free, do we know?
HolyPotatoes got one on Oct. 10th but that is only 4 days after you ordered.
Not that I am not also mad as hell! I have a vested interest in QuoterGal getting her copies.
I looked up this thread because I too got the dreaded email from Best Buy. WTFH? I've always loathed BB, haven't bought anything from them in years, only ordered this from them since it was the only game in town, now this.
Anyone know if there are any plans for Paley to sell this? I didn't see anything on their site, but my search skills are sub-par today.
I, too, have been shafted by ye ol' Best Buy.
I'm going to try to get down to my local store sometime soon and see if I can still snag a copy...
Easier said that done, which was the point of ordering it in the first place.

[explicit words!]

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