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October 05 2008

MSN TV has the hots for J. August Richards. MSN TV lists J. Aug as one of Fall TV's Sexiest Stars.

They're sooo over Zach Morris.

Wow, I haven't posted in here in a couple of years! (Hi everybody!)

Well, just logged in today to say that Gunn-as-demon-lawyer was really SEXY. I may check this show out. :)
I have been watching this show. It's not bad. Jay plays a prosecutor and looks great doing it!
That's a gorgeous shot of J.
MSN TV lists J. Aug as one of Fall TV's Sexiest Stars.


I think the rest of the world has yet to catch up with the idea of J's awesomeness (an idea that the rest of us are already well acquainted with). ;)
I'm so proud! YAY!
Some well deserved recognition on the sexiness front (we have been there for awhile but sometimes it's nice for everyone else to catch up;)
Now if they'd just give him more to do, I might actually watch the show, which seems to be a slightly better than average lawyer series. I've only watched one ep all the way through, but the vibe was pretty much "standard stuff". I actually preferred Convictions, which I watched from start to premature finish.

I hope it's a big hit though, just for J. who has been so seriously underrated and under-utilized. And as for the pic .... just, wow!!
An interesting list, not so much the standard "pretty boys and girls". I'm definitely right there with the Joshua Jackson love (from Fringe). But Simon Baker? .... don't know why but he kind of creeps me out. There's something about him that just says "totally phony", to me.

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