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July 24 2003

Separated @ birth? Last night's evicted BB4 USA houseguest looks a lot like SMG.

[ edited by BlindHawkeyes on 2003-07-24 16:31 ]

Too bad Buffy-look-alike didn't stick around long enough. If Joss is ever looking for another double this could be his girl. Her name's Michelle too. Weird.

I don't see it.
The thing I've often noticed about lookalikes is that, more often than not, they don't look alike. They're usually like bad impressionists.

There's a passing resemblance to SMG, but that's about it. The bigger question is: someone's actually watching Big Brother 4?
She's a blonde too, that's about it.
Well her hairstyle is circa Buffy fourth season, but otherwise, she's not that similar.
I'm watching Big Brother 4. It's the summer -- no football, basketball, Angel, Scrubs, Boomtown, 24, etc. What's a brother to do?
What's a brother to do?

Well, that new Bravo show Queer Eye for a Straight Guy is getting rave reviews. I understand NBC is running a shortened version tonight at 9:30.
She looked a lot more like her in the show not in the pictures. Guess it's a nose thing too.

I'm with ya brother_grady. Nothing else to watch this summer.
Read? I hear Joss highly recommends Shakespeare.
Reading makes our speaking English good.
I started DVRing that Queer Eye show -- very funny. I'm also catching up on old Farscapes and Family Guys on SciFi Network and Cartoon Network, respectively. Plus Smallville 'cause I was watching other things when it was on.
I'm keeping my tv off and watching dvds. Seeing all those classic movies that people say one should watch if they claim to be a movie buff. Watching tv series that came and went on original broadcast and I was out getting drunk watching local bands. Nowadays in my old age I find kickin' back watching dvds is cheaper, healthier, and less annoying than the bar scene.

Okay so I have no life. At least now I can say I've seen French Connection Two.
I'm trying to fill out my movie canon, too, ZachsMind -- right now I have The Sting, Bullitt, and Charge of the Light Brigade (1936 - Errol Flynn, Olivia D'Havilland (sic)) on DVR to be watched.

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