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October 05 2008

Up-to-date list of ELE Applications on Youtube. Though some of these may not be official submissions, theonetruebix compiled a playlist of over 50 videos, which means there are a couple of hours of footage to go through...if one has the time.

I didn't realize there were so many. Mine should be done either tomorrow or the day after!
Vampire 180 is definitely my favourite. I love the song, and the concept, and the 'backing vocalist'. I'd be really surprised if that one doesn't make it onto the dvd.
I think any application that gets onto the DVD should be a singing one, honestly.
At the moment, I'm kind of partial to Evil WorldofHiglet, The Copycat/The Potato/The Family No, The Cutinator, and The Fire Poker.

And the Brain Bender one has a great joke in it.

I think any application that gets onto the DVD should be a singing one, honestly.

Maybe, but the rules specifically say songs are not required, just a bonus.

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So bix, did you watch them all and create your own top 10 list? Oooh, question answered before I asked.

And were any of these done by Whedonesquers?

I wanted to write one for my daughter, but neither one of us is a singer, and I agree that they're better when musical.
by the way, bix - sorry for posting your playlist without permission, but I stumbled upon it and I thought it was a really good resource for checking out the applications.
jcs-- I am Mr. Miserable

ETA that I have since shaved, cut my hair, and taken that ridiculous white thing off, and put real clothes on. I can't believe that video is the one way I have presented myself to the world. Ah well.

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The vids you mention there are great, bix. I also really like 'Brain Bender's song. I also liked Princess Zombie ("you're better off undead"), Fiddler with a hoof (I like the name and his delivery is very confident) and, just because I like aliteration and he uses lots of it, Arlecchino.

But out of all these, Vampire 180 is still probably my favorite. That song's just so damned catchy :).
The Cutinator's a friend of mine but I don't believe she has an account here on whedonesque.
Thanks for posting the list! I'm also glad to see ours made it - it just went up Saturday. My friend is Little Cougar.
I agree with ya, jfhlbuffy. I finally do a YouTube bit and I'm wearing a corest and leopard print cowboy hat. Oh well, at least I got to kick some booty!

These are a lot of fun to watch, though, all around!
Did someone find something in vimeo, yet?

I'm recording mine tomorrow.
There are so many great ones (and more than a few not-so-great ones). I don't expect to make the DVD, but I threw my hat into the ring none the less. Here's mine-

I prefer the ones with singing, but there have been some really good non-singing ones also.

P.S. I wonder how strict they are going to be on rule #1: "It should be no more than three minutes in length. Many of the entries are over that, even if it is only by a matter of seconds. I cut mine down a lot to get it just under the three minute mark.

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I'm uploading mine to the computer for editing as we speak. 70 minutes of footage for 3 minutes of video. This will be fun.

And yes, there's singing. I'm excited.
Still working on my entry. Looks like I'm going to be cutting it close to the wire. Mixed metaphor, meet wire cutters!
I bought a camera for the first time in 25 years on Saturday, and am off to the races. However I need the rain to stop for the outdoor shoots, and the forecast says that won't be till Thursday. Am trying to tighten the script in order to fit in a brief musical interlude, but I also have to buy a guitar and learn how to play. Dang, this stuff is harder than it looks on TV.
shishkarobb, I hear ya. I cut mine down to a really odd looking 5 minutes, then had to cut 2 more. It's definitely not as good as could be, but hey.
Yeah, I'd planned to have a song at two and a half minutes, then some funny intro and outro stuff... song came in at 2:58. Too bad, I really liked that stuff.
I know, we thought we'd barely get enough stuff to cover three minutes, and we ended up doing all sorts of trimming to make it work. It sure is a lot of fun though. My friend wants to try a little series of videos now, of putting together her own sort of Evil League of Evil.
Oh my god, Mr. Broadway is hilarious. :)
I posted my great muppety reverend about four hours ago, and it's already on the list. That's some good listmaking right there, I'd say.
GreatMuppetyOdin, I love how your video references mine... and mine's not even up yet.

You are THAT good.
I LOVE me some DIE-ronic! Great video!
Brain Bender would totally beat me in a fight and/or a singing contest. My IQ is only slightly above "cat."
I HATE DIE-Ronic! Purely because his is better than mine. *insert tongue-sticking-out smiley here* Speaking of mine...

The Evil League of Evil String-Along Application!

Let me know what you think!

And GreatMuppetyOdin's opening lyric will now be even funnier.
Ok, I was just going to edit my previous post, but apparently I can't do that. Anyway, what I was going to say is to be sure to click the Watch in High Quality buttons on my and everyone else's video. Because YouTube hates quality.
Most of what's on Vimeo appears to be second copies of stuff posted to YouTube. Off the top of my head, I'm unsure if there are Vimeo-only applications, although I think there are at least a couple.
highrandom: I like Vampire 180 a lot too, but isn't it disqualified for using loops from Garage Band?
I avoided youtube and Whedonesque all week so we wouldn't be influenced by other entries. Now that I'm done, I'm having a lot of fun looking at all the other submissions. They're incredible.
I'm still keeping away from the youtube & vimeo application submissions and (la-la-la-la, hands on ears) application discussion in this thread until after I get mine in.

The question I have is this: I know that Saturday 10/11/08 - U.S. is the last day for submissions, but is the last minute of submission-eligibility calculated by U.S. Pacific Daylight Time or Eastern Daylight Time - is it 10/11 11:59:59P for we Californians, or for New Yorkers?

Some of us who are born procrastinators getting final editing help that evening would really like to know.
I've watched about half of them so far. I'm impressed with how much effort people have put into this. Some of the songs are still stuck in my head. They're going to have a tough time choosing 10.

My favorite has probably been Staticat. Production wise, the A.T.H.U.G. one looks pretty great.
Deadline is Saturday's end, Pacific time.
Whew! Just got ours in this afternoon! We're #200 (200!!! Wowee, everyone, well done!) on bix's Big List Of Evil That I'm Now Kinda Scared To Even Start Going Through.

Now it's just the waiting... (cue tense music)
Yeah, apparently you can only have 200 videos on a playlist. I had to start a second one today.
Thanks for deadline clarification, b!X - Mafeking has been relieved.
5 hours, 15 minutes!
I finally posted mine. On vimeo to be contrary.
Less than one hour.
As near as I can tell, there are around 500 applications to ELE. If we say for the sake of argument that each is the maximum of 3 minutes long, that's 25 hours of material.
Less than five minutes.
I want to vote for Kirsty. I want to vote for Kirsty.
Got mine in under the wire. My first and possibly last video. Unless I make a blooper reel.

Oh who am I kidding, I am going to make a blooper reel.
My production values are so bush-league, I ain't linking to it.

But I did do one, despite the odds, and considering that neither my partner or I had ever picked up a video camera or used iVideo before last night, it's not completely wretched.

I learned a number of things from making it, including: I can't say a line for beans when I know how many seconds it has to fit in; mood lighting is indistinguishable from "too dark" if you don't know what you're doing, and finally - filmmaking is hard and probably shouldn't be done at the last minute.

Failing is educationamable - who knew?
By the way, not an application but if you haven't seen this, see it now.
As if evilworldofhiglet's great ideas & writing weren't enough, her voice is such a pleasure to listen to.

I don't know how much room they have on the DVD, but I do think her entire oeuvre should be on there.

(I haven't watched many others yet, because of time & not wanting to be influenced, but I'll have a go at some later...)
So I was really good at keeping up when they first started coming in. But then I faltered. Now there's 25+ hours of footage and I'm kind of glad I don't have to be judging them, although I really do want to actually see them all.
I definitely don't want to see them all, but I do want to see all the ones that are worth seeing, and I expect most people here are in that boat.

Given the huge volume of entries, I'm half toying with the idea of building a website that tracks them all, allows people to vote thumbs up or down, shows you random videos but weighted towards the ones with better ratings, and doesn't show you the same video twice.

It would probably take me as long to build such a site and then watch the top-50, as to plow through the whole list.

Bix, do you have your list in an external text or spreadsheet format you could send my way, or is it all done through YouTube?
AlanD, that sounds like a great idea! I was thinking of making a spreadsheet so that I could compare statistics by category (applicants who are cats, applicants who are puppets, etc., as well as things like single/duet/group, no music/incidental music/songs, and straightforward introductions/story and plot). Just for the sheer geekery of it, really, and I probably would have given it up as too much work unless such a thing would be of interest to you as well...?

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If you do a youtube search of "Evil League of Evil" (with the quotes) and then after that at the top of the page there will be a drop down menu where you can sort by rating, then you can get a good idea of what Videos are getting good ratings (on a 5 star scale) on Youtube. its not perfect, but it'll let you see some of the better ones without doing anything too technical.
Yes, but that doesn't guarantee that those are actual applications. There's been some amount of ELE activity on YouTube outside the contest, so until/unless someone puts an official list online, you can't be absolutely sure.

My playlists are pretty close, but not exact, because I kept not including ones that were like four minutes long or more, because the rules said three. But I kept things slightly over three minutes because I felt like it, but I have no idea what the Horrible crew's official position is on that count.

(They also don't currently include anything emailed in after Saturday ended, even though some of the post-Saturday emails were for videos uploaded before the deadline. But, again, that's my personal call not an official stance, because I'm not the arbiter of official stance, obviously.)

So while my playlists are based upon the actual applications being submitted, those playlists can't be considered official because I don't know what the Horrible crew thinks.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-10-14 06:23 ]
I haven't bothered watching any of the ones over 3 minutes because that seems to me to be an easy way to cut down on the number of entries. In order to see if an entry followed the other rules, someone will have to watch the video, but the length is obvious without viewing.
What I can't believe is that my video is the absolute last one on Bix's list.

Anyway, it turns out that one of my company's clients were asking just last week if we had a module that could do ratings/rankings. We don't, so if the project gets the go-ahead, I will even be able to work on it during company time.

I've been mapping out in my head how it should work. One concern is ways to avoid ballot box stuffing. Not that Whedonesquers have ever done anything like that :-)

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