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"I find lentils completely incomprehensible."
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October 06 2008

Christina Hendricks in Fashion. YoSaffBridge talks about smoking on screen, being curvy and, strangely enough, fashion.

Nice little article. I'm glad to hear she is so big on recycling. I knew I liked her!
That is so weird, she didn't mention her crush on me.
I would chalk it up to a biased interviewer, Brian, he wants her to crush on him instead. He was just jealous, so no mention of you.

Suck up ;)

Though, why wouldn't she crush on someone as talented as Mr. Lynch? And funny! "Gotta raise your game a little, Twiggy. I've lived with Xander Harris." Ha!... (Mayday! Possible pot-kettle-black event! Mayday...)

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