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October 06 2008

Official Fox site for Dollhouse. It's a bit bare bones at the moment but there's a strangely hypnotic Flash banner. New logo as well? Oh and there's an official fansite too but that seems be in pre-launch mode.

Ah, good, I can finally stop using the old promotional/press release page FOX had for it.

Oddly, the site links to the Dollhouse category on the FUTURE ON FOX blog, instead of to The Echo Chamber.

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I loved the 'Watch full episodes' button...

The banner is both beautiful and unsettling. I'm all in goosebumps.
Saw gossi post this on Jossverse and have been anticipating it's launce since then. :P

The site while bare(lol) looks great and is I'm assuming the start of the shows marketing push? :D
I'm pretty sure the "Watch full episodes" button is mocking us.
1) "Watch full episodes" will work at some point.

2) There will be a bigger website launch shortly. They're just tweakin' it (take off the "Dollhouse is copyright Warner Bros" is my latest thought).

3) I think/hope that logo may be from the new title sequence. (Edit: yeah, I totally think it is. It's all Fightclubesque).

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What is a Wetpaint account?

Aye, that'd be the next bit of the site.
And no doubt official MySpace and Twitter things to follow.
Move over Dollverse, FOX are 'ere. Even if they do think Warners owns Dollhouse ;)
Out of curiosity, does anyone know how the official Fox fansites for the likes of Sarah Connor Chronicles etc compare in terms of size and popularity in relation to the ordinary fansites? As I've got a feeling that the official Dollhouse fansite will probably become the largest one.
If Fringe is any indication, Fox is not going to be spending a lot of time and money on new communities. It's just an official wiki with a single discussion forum, nothing like the Prospero forums.
Oh, the official Dollhouse one will be huge in terms of user base. Terminator is pretty much the model. With user edited content I'm sure we'll have "Whedon Terror Level" pages and such, too.
It seems odd that there will be two Fox communities for the one show. Unless it's some sort of top secret blue ocean strategy.
There will only be one. There's the page, which will be a holding thing (i.e. static content, no forums), then the 'official fan site', which is the Wiki/community. It's basically a cheap'n'easy way of getting user generated content and community.
There will only be one.

So no Fox Prospero Forum for Dollhouse then?
The forum will look, er, almost exactly like this: A forum. The difference will be no advertising and a picture of Echo with a gun at the top.

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I'm getting flashbacks of the old forum.
I'm getting flashbacks of the current CW logo from that font. I didn't like the last one, but is this better?
I'm font indifferent.

The title thing reminds me very much of The Inside title (which had the same company doing the VFX I think).
i'm thinking that flash animation will be our opening credits ending.
I too am pretty much afontal.

Like the flash thing though, linking Echo with LA like that makes the comment on the "Hollywood machine" a bit more explicit I think and the road at the start makes me think of Warren Ellis (he's, to say the least, not over-fond of the place and once described being a non-driver in LA as "... like being confined to a wheelchair in a city of nothing but staircases" ;).
I'm a non-driver. Being in LA is great - it's got a superb underground system which is clean, so cheap it's almost free, and regular. Also, nobody uses it except me.

[ edited by gossi on 2008-10-07 13:25 ]
Yeah but you're not a grumpy old git gossi and besides "LA doesn't have a subway" (quote from 'Life' ;). I was surprised to see it on that (despite there being quite a pivotal scene on 'The Inside' featuring the LA underground - mind must just have edited out the fact that 'The Inside' is set in LA).

Ellis also says it's not a city but loads of separate towns linked by 1000 miles of freeway (given that greater Los Angeles is apparently the size of Wales he might have a point on that one) and a place for people to drive through not live in. As I say, I don't think he took to it ;).
I'm glad for people to know that we have a subway. But it's sadly limited in reach relative to the size of the city, and you can't have been on a train at rush-hours, gossi. The line I'm most on is standing shoulder to shoulder then on weekdays.

I'm not sure I like the animation either. Prone Echo is L.A.? It seems a little trite. I'm sure that there's still a long way to go before any of this is set.
Prone Echo is L.A.?

Echo is in L.A., and is playin' a thing where she's connected to a hell of a lot of people and things, but she doesn't realise it (nor how vulnerable she is in the situation). Everything is connected, but not everybody. That's my take.

Cor, this internet speculation thing is addictive like crack. Except cheaper.

[ edited by gossi on 2008-10-07 14:57 ]
I either need to change my broadband provider or buy a classier brand of crack.
I like the new logo.
gossi: you're in LA these days? I wondered how come you seemed to have an inside track on everything. What're you up to?
I know of the subway, but I have never been starting anywhere that it is or ending up any where that it is. It is EXTREMELY limited. But if you live in the middle of Hollywood and want to go to downtown LA (why anyone would want to do that is beyond my comprehension) or to Universal citiwalk, then it would be very convenient.

Westwood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Culver City, Century City, Santa Monica, Glendale, Thousand Oaks? Forget about it. Orange County? HAH!
I either need to change my broadband provider or buy a classier brand of crack.

Why not both?

I know nothing about subways in LA and that is a weird picture, but I am just delighted that eps will be watchable on the website. (I'm assuming that's a given now, right?). I was worried about that.
It is EXTREMELY limited.

Take the bus. ;)
I LOVE Eliza in this new picture! Sooo good!
Oooh. Very nice. Very, very nice. :D I hope that font and stuff is the new font, because okay it reminds me a little of Gossip Girl but it's better than that other logo. XD

And the flash banner is awesome.
She blinks. Guess that's so we know she's alive.

Also, nobody uses it except me.
Ah, I heard about that guy on the metro. :)
I'm going to go against the crowd and say that I don't like this photo at all. I think she looks like roadkill. Granted it's a lot better than the floating face picture from before, but I'm still amazed Fox can produce this many unflattering images of Eliza.
Hehehe, I'm with AlanD in his amazement.
The city is her skin condition.

Slogan: Bwahaha, you asked for her to take off her clothes, now see how you like it.
I take the subway every day to work. It's cheap (well, free, since I'm reimbursed for using transit), and clean and efficient enough. And I arrive at work not wanting to off people, which is a bonus. But, yeah, it helps that I live at one end of the Blue Line, and work at the other. Not so much use if you live or work westward (although I note that there's a sales tax measure (R) on the November ballot that is supposed to provide funding to extend Metro west to Culver City and Santa Monica and to Century City and Westwood. We'll see.)

BTW, downtown gets an unfairly bad rap. There's Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Olvera Street, Broadway, various museums, the Disney Symphony Hall, and a bunch of decent places to drink. I like it better than the law ghetto that is Century City.

Oh, and I like the ELAza image. :-)
Well, if I ever figure out how and why to move to LA, all I'll have is bus, subway, and taxi, since I do not drive (nor would anyone want me to).
I really, really dislike the Eliza/L.A. mash-up. Much as I disliked the Eliza-submerged-in-water poster.

These things need to get better.

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