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October 07 2008

Dental Serenity. A dentist where any browncoat would feel right at home.

(I have no association whatsoever with this company)

It reminds me of that film about the Star Trek fans.
That's very... strange.

In a good way. But still.
I'm almost speechless with... well, grinning, mostly. I have a dentist appointment next week, and I wish my dentist was this fun! (He's not. Last month he did mean things to one of my molars.)

And yet a small part of my brain keeps asking, "Is this for real?"

ETA: OK, I just discovered this wasn't actually the main page of the practice's website.... still grinning, though.

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Joss should sue. Or at least get free dental work for his kids.
that is awesome. totally awesome.
Best dentist ever.

Y O U bloody damn apostrophe R E!!!!

It's not my Serenity. Dude. It's so simple...why can't people get it through their heads? "You're" means "You are." "Your" makes it belong to you.


But...this is odd. Is this an in-joke of some kind? I mean...does the dentist have that many fans of the movie as patients? Is the dentist a fan? Is this like some kinda...Easter egg part of the site? I'm confused!
I just wish I lived over there. Dentists freak me out, but this one I'd go to (at least once.)
I dunno. If I was at my dentist, I wouldn't want him to stop any Serenity.
This made me smile... but I'm not entirely sure I want this guy near my teeth with powertools.
Dentists can be, on occasion, HI-larious... apparently. Good for them: geeking out like that. I suppose it's a hell of an effective campaign, although for a small target demographic.
Another reason to move to Australia.
someone likes the laughing gas a little too much!

but I still wish I could go....
ShadowQuest, I must be blind, because I don't know where they meant to say you are. I've tried replacing every single "your" with "you're" on that page, and none of them are currently incorrect.

Which one am I missing?

ETA: Found it. Of course, three seconds later.

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A giant working for the Alliance who gobbles up the rebel fighters might need this service - "remove the browncoat from your teeth."
That's awesome. I'm changing my dental plan now!
Hope nobody at work is watching me right now.
That was awesome! When I had my wisdom teeth out I brought my own movie to watch, and of course it was Serenity, and when I woke up the whole office was in there watching it! So maybe my dentist should do this too.
Due to the fact the guy has a separate welcoming page, I'm assuming this is just a solitary good humored joke or what not. My bet is that there might be a very limited indication of Firefly/Serenity fanship at the office, but otherwise, it looks a lot like every other dental office out there.
Hmmm... I've a work conference in NSW next week. Wonder if they can fit me in? lol.
In the wonderful documentary 'Trekkies' a Star Trek themed dental office is featured. I had assumed this would be similar, but now I'm not so certain.

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