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August 17 2002

(SPOILER) Pictures from 7x01. Spoilery material posted at Comics Continuum.

Featuring Giles and Willow in England, and a headshot of the Buffed one, from the first episode, "Lessons".

Also wanted to post a quote from Emma Caulfield regarding Tony Head. It's from Starburst magazine (UK), I don't have a link for it:

"I've always said that Tony is the glue and the show can't function without him. It's just the stupidity of a certain old network that didn't value him as much as they should have. Luckily , he's valued now. It was fantastic at the end of the last season when he came back. He's the most lovely man. Whenever our characters get to work together I'm so happy, because the two of them together are just retarded! I can't wait to work with him again".

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