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October 08 2008

"Chuck" Webisode featuring Adam Baldwin. John Casey in a Buy More instructional video.

This was very cute. This show just keeps entertaining me every time I watch it.
Can someone look into providing it for international fans - 'content not available' here in the UK :(
Surprisingly entertaining for a webisode! I adore Chuck.
This is hilarious! Esp since I worked in retail so long. And note Adam has once again found a way to be eating...
... and apples none the less, zengrrl. Also used as a weapon. :D
I imagine that grenades still cost extra... :)
I wants it on youtube or something. Curse those US-only sites. I need me some more Adam!
Foiled again by my Canadian location.
Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
I really loved this. It cracks me up that 1. Adam found a way to eat. 2. It's an apple. 3. Casey gets SO into whatever he does. I rather think Jayne Cobb would approve. ;)

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