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October 07 2008

Nailing Your Wife. The first episode of James Gunn's PG Porn, starring Nathan Fillion and Aria Giovanni, is up on

Yes. I actually laughed out loud.
Wow. I did not expect that. Absolutely amazing.
I did too, but only for Nathan's reaction at the end. And I guess for how ludicrous a faked nail-gun-inflicted death scene seems.

It was really choppy for me and I'm not sure why, I don't usually have an issue with streaming video.

Just got home from work, now time for DVR'd Dexter and Heroes (and maybe re-watching the pretty damn good fifth ep of True Blood if I'm still awake after those).
LOL! I totally laughed out loud. It was a little awkward - right up till the end! Tee hee.
I usually have no problems with streaming video but I can't get this to play in any watchable manner , even using the usual trick of pressing "pause" then waiting for a while . Maybe the site is overloaded at the moment, I'll try later.
Unless it's just not playing for you guys and gals I think it's supposed to appear as if it is poor quality, like an old VHS tape.

Oh, and Nathan nailed this one. Absolutely hilarious.
I had definite problems with the streaming, although waiting for a while did help.

Anyway, very funny--the way Nathan goes from saying "You mean Mr. Grimes, the foreman of this site?" to calling her "Mrs. Grimes" without any new information is classic. And the ending was obviously priceless.

Although the best porn parody/tribute ever is still Boogie Nights, and probably always will be.

EDIT: No it wasn't just the crappy vhs style quality, it was choppy in a "bad streaming" type of way. And Xan Man, was that a pun ("Nathan NAILED this one")? Very cool.

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That was really funny. Loved the ending.
A minute and a half into it I thought, "This isn't nearly as funny as I thought it was going to be". Then I was proven wrong.
I guffawed! I guffawed out loud! OMG, so funny. Nathan is really good at this.
dollrific, that was my thought too. For most of it, it seemed like it was basically just bad porn dialogue delivered just as badly as you would find in a porn, so there didn't seem to be much reason for its existence.

Until the end.

Ahahahaha. Also, I love that he never gets her name right.
That wins at the internet. James Gunn, you're a scary man.
Oh, my god. That was soo freaking funny. I thought I couldn't watch it for a minute there, but when he shot her it was just so funny. I couldn't believe that, that's shocking to me for some reason.
Really funny. Think this will be linked on the interwebs alot today :)
Here's a noticeably different cut with a song at the end that runs all nice and smooth on YouTube. Worth a second watch.

Heh, "with Special Guest Meat Nathan Fillion".

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That was one unexpected plot twist! Awesome! :D
LOL. Did not see THAT coming. Made me laugh. How often are new ones coming out?
That was awesome. o_O
"Call me Amber" "Tell you what, Amy" "Andrea?"
LOL I just had a thought after watching this for the second time, this is something you would enjoy someone walking in on you ńs you're watching it!

"But, mom, it isn't really porn. Look..." getting uncomfortable when not-porn chick gets on her knees, then Nathan trying to be helpful and "...... heehee"

*snicker* Evil. Someone should try doing just that in the living room --- or at work. "You can't fire me for watching porn on my lunch break! This isn't really porn - nah nah"
Whoa, did NOT see that coming!! That was hilarious!
Oh Nathan... marry me?
That was funny, but very choppy watching for me also. NF is perfect.

Maybe more PG-13 than PG. :)
Oh that was so funny! That is definitely a comic gem, great work by everyone but you gotta love Nathan Fillion and James Gunn!
It's great to see another excellent up and coming (or not) web series. Looking forward to future eps.
Gunn & Fillion. Good times.
I love how the title appears. Great video!
Excellent start for the PG Porn effort, very funny stuff. I kinda saw the end coming (no pun intended) but thats ok.

Aria Giovanni is too beautiful to die!!
Great bad acting by Nathan. That was pretty funny.
Aria Giovanni is gorgeous. I find it hilarious that she's basically a porn star/erotic model and that was her first on-screen kiss with a man. She did a great job, I liked that she seemed just as willing to wink at the lameness of the "fast forward" as Nathan was. Make her a guest Doll, Joss!
I laughed hard at three subtle points. 1. When Fillion says, "He took a trip to the lumber yard" and then points. 2. When Fillion looks down at his mark on the floor before stepping on it. 3. When the camera cuts to an obviously after-the-fact take as Fillion shrugs and says, "What do you mean?"

Fantastic. Can't wait for more.
Come on James Gunn is a Troma film veteran, of course it would have that type of ending. I thought it would be worse, it was funny in a bad porn type of way. It kind of fell short for me overall, though.

However, I would have to say the best porn parody is still Stunkc*cks by James Leary. I still cry from the laughter of that short film.
My favorite part was watching the dichotomy of those who can act and those who cannot; and in watching how the the can-act one attempted to act like a can't-act one, and the direction that helped bring that home (my favorite being the cue card reading).
I watched it at PG Porn's website this morning quite early because I didn't have the Spike link yet. It ran quite smoothly there. I watched it again tonight at Spike TV and it was very bad streaming. Anyway. I started to laugh so loud this morning I had to clap my hands over my mouth so I didn't get an eviction warning for excess noise.
Fun. But I kinda hoped it would be more like my personal bad-porn fav, Karl Hungus: "Meine dispatche says zere is problem mit deine cable." And you can imagine where it goes from there . . .
...he fixes the cable?
Don't be fatuous, RT. ;-)
You're all forgetting Trey Parker and Matt Stone's great, feature-length porn parody: Orgazmo! Produced by Kaz and Fran Rubel Kuzui, of Buffy fame.
"I'll screw you to death."
"Ha! I'd like to see you try."
At the risk of being flamed I'm going to be honest here. I didn't like it. It was too cheesy for me. And I like cheesy.
I just wish Nathan was doing something more substantial. He has the potential and he is so worth it.
I realize I'm probably the odd man out but I didn't care for it at all.
Haven't watched it yet (waiting for my bandwidth to reset), but it made the front page of Australian website:
It made me laugh out loud and applaud.
Everyone I shared it with did too, including my daughter who isn't normally a big James Gunn fan.
I thought Nathan particularly was so good at being bad. :)
There's an interview with James Gunn on AICN, in which he reveals that he "used the girls as bait" (for casting). I'm appalled and attracted at the same time... :)
I just didn't get it.
I didn't laugh, smile, or even smirk. I watched it thinking "this is stupid" then at the end I thought, "that was sick." And not in the way that kids these days use the word sick. Just sick. Yuck.

I must be missing something. I mean the bad acting was spot on, absolutely bad, but the whole thing just seemed pointless and stupid. What am I missing?
Well, humour's about as subjective as it gets I reckon, either it makes you laugh or it doesn't, no "shame" either way.

Just got around to watching this and yep, I shared the "This is just OK" until the end. Heh, totally fished in by the 'PG' aspect that came as quite an "OMFG, you didn't" sort of moment ;). Not at all what I was expecting (and Nathan's bad acting was pretty funny, especially finding his mark and pointing).

Not as good as 'Stuntcocks' IMO but then it's a single scene with a kicker ending, more like a joke with the setup/punch rather than SC's full-on (albeit short) spoofumentary. Looking forward to more.
It's a top news headline on Australia's Yahoo site.

Hehe... That was bad. :D But at the end there I was oddly reminded of Dr Horrible. ;)

I kind of hated this a lot.

I kind of hated this a lot.
I certainly see where you're coming from, but given that what's being parodied is a form of entertainment that by its very nature is about objectifying/debasing women, it could be argued that the satire merely took things to their next logical step. I'm not sure Gunn quite had that in mind, but it's my story and I'm sticking with it.
See, to me, the only thing that James Gunn took to its "logical conclusion" was the bad pun title: Nailing Your Wife.

And I'm sure further debasing women is not a great comment on debasing women.

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I don't watch porn and I don't really find black comedies amusing so if Nathan Fillion hadn't been in it I would have been spared watching it.

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