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October 07 2008

Interviews with the Dollhouse cast. So, FOX Source interviewed some of the Dollhouse cast weeks ago, but forgot to tell anybody. Dichen Lachman, Fran Kranz, Olivia Williams, and Tahmoh Penikett can be seen singing, dancing and/or talking.

...but forgot to tell anybody.

Raise the Whedon Panic Level to "Man, this mac-n-cheese I had for dinner is sitting like a mushy lump in my stomach-- Ooh, Snapple."

"Pimp"? "Wipe the brain of a suitable TEENAGER"? Yeah, that language is going to be easy to promote to people. Heh.

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That was really interesting since we really haven't heard Olivia, Fran and Dichen talk about the show before. Fun to actually have a person in the roles instead of just a name and a face.
Yep. And I still have my crush on Dichen.
Fran Kranz is incredibly cute. If his character was anything like him (which apparently it isn't), I think I'd have my second Whedon-verse crush.

On a more relevant note, Dichen said the dolls were imprinted with the personalities and memories of real people, which is something I hadn't heard before, and sounds intriguing. But then Fran said he creates the personalities. Confused now.
Great, now I know how Dichen sounds like, she seems very nice.
Now I hope we'll hear Enver Gjokaj soon.
Although not a Dollhouse interview, Nico-Angel, you can see Enver in Eagle Eye (which is out now) and The Express (comes out Friday). They're both small parts, but you can at least see/hear him.
Frank Kranz has already made me a fan.

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