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October 07 2008

Official Dollhouse fansite now open for business. Go forth and stake your territory.

Wow, there's quite a bit going on here. Could get lost in this for a while...
dollrific, yeah. Also, you don't need to sign up, your dollverse wiki account will work.
Ah, sitemap.

ETA that apparently Goners is coming out next year. ;)

ETA that it doesn't say that anymore, heh.

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Hah, gossi, I tried signing up for the site and thought "why would someone pretend to be me?" when it came back with a "name already taken" message. Then I realized it was me pretending to be me.
The help docs fail me. How in the world does one add a row to a table? This whole right click to edit rows/columns thing ain't working for me.

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I like it when a new official fansite opens, it brings out the pioneer spirit in me.
I'm guessing it's the not-a-pioneer spirit in me that says that's a site I'm not likely to visit before Dollhouse actually is on air, sorry.
Staked! Am off to explore.

Bix, do you mean in word? You have to have the marker in the row next to where you want to add, select table from the menu then insert, then row over or row under. Forget the right click. Use the menu.

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I've even 'edited' something on the new site so now I feel committed.
Yeah, it's terribly addicting. When I see a editable quote section, it's like when a bull sees that red flag waving. I was terribly restrained, though, and only added a few, but my fingers was itching. It's a clever idea, this site.

Betcha can't guess what I added...
Hooray yet another way to procrastinate! The Jossverse is always so accomodating in that way...
It says my username is taken. Is the Dollverse wiki the same thing as the site?

ETA: I'm guessing not since that password does not work.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2008-10-08 15:37 ]
So eh... any volunteers to add Dollhouse info to our own
Sunfire, it's not the same, Dollverse and the Dollhouse site just happen to share the same host and CSS and HTML and set pictures etc. (Which, by the way - news to me!).

This is the first time I can recall a show where the network is running a fanfic section. Although maybe I'm living under a rock.
Ok, thanks. That means someone has my name though.

Yeah the whole writing the show creator's biography and adding fanfic on the official page did not strike me as the usual thing.
What an awesome time waster at work! Thanks.
I am enjoying this too much, but I'm also having major issues avoiding spoilers (yeaaaah, so I clicked on the Echo and Ghost links... yeah...). I might have to refrain from coming here until January just to keep myself in line.
Love the list of Hat Trick actors. Who will be the first, er... What's the word for four appearances? Quartet?

There are several more people who have appeared on at least two shows and could possibly make it three. David Fury, that Numfar guy did a voice-over on Buffy, Camden Toy and even Andy Hallett who was (very briefly) in Buffy I believe.
If you count Dr Horrible then Fury has made the hat trick.
Aren't they misusing the term Hat trick? It should be an actor who has been a different character in at least 3 of Joss's shows.
No, not in Word. I was asking about tables on the site which we are discussing because it's what this thread is about.
Well, I am clearly not paying attention. Will strive to improve.
YeaHaw! This is great.

I wasn't going to sign up just now, but then I read what Sunfire wrote (suck!)
It's always a good day when no one takes your username....ahhhh. I'm so happy I get to be Harmalicious everywhere!! No time to look at the site right now, but I will tonight!
I haven't been told in ages that my orientation is 25% complete ^_^.
Wow, my username was already taken. I wouldn't think anyone else'd be quite so unoriginal as me, using three boringish capitals as a user name ;).

My mind is boggling at all the editable content (it's kinda off-putting to me, because there's so much stuff there :)), but I'm looking forward to browsing the forum once the show actually starts.

Also: our Whedonwiki is missing lots of comic info, it seems. I'm not one for adding stuff on wiki's (I'm just not that "into" it), but otherwise I'd totally start an Astonishing X-Men, Sugarshock and Runaways page there.
Signed up, signed on and was agog at all the goodies to explore.
Will look more when I'm not at work and will revel in it.
This is going to be fun!
Wow, my username was already taken. I wouldn't think anyone else'd be quite so unoriginal as me, using three boringish capitals as a user name ;).

GVH: What do you make of this, though? There's no user GVH. I'm wondering if their system allows you to claim a name but not complete registration. There's no Sunfire either.
Sunfire that just means the use isn't on THAT wiki. There are other wikis on the Wetpaint site, and the account exists on that host -- they just haven't added the Dollhouse wiki to their account.
Sunfife and GVN, and everyone who is upset about their user name being taken, if you're a member of any other wetpaint account then chances are your username has been taken by YOU! Just logon with your usual name and password you use for TSCC of foxdollhouse wetpaint sites, and it should work.

Honestly. I'm a member of a few wetpaint sites, and I forget every time.
What fun!! Lots to do! Lots to read! ... Who wants to be my friend?
Sunfire that just means the use isn't on THAT wiki. There are other wikis on the Wetpaint site, and the account exists on that host -- they just haven't added the Dollhouse wiki to their account.

Thanks, I didn't know this. That clarifies things greatly.

Nope Effulgent, this is my first Webpaint experience. But helpful for others to know, no doubt.
It's not necessarily clear, since the way it's set up, the wiki is on a subdomain (dollhousewiki). It becomes more evident if you poke around, but it's not at all clear just from the URL that it's part of a larger network of wikis.
Also I see it's Wetpaint. I like my name better.
Check. I wonder if I myself signed up at another wiki somewhere on the wetpaint site. I thought I hadn't registered for the dollverse wiki, because I tried logging in with my username and regular password before I tried registering and it didn't work. But now I see I can log in using those on the Dollverse main page. But I still can't on the Dollhouse fansite, which doesn't accept the same login info. So now I'm confused. Is the login I use on a wetpaint login? Because the site itself doesn't look like one of these more-or-less 'standard' wetpaint sites.

Jeez, this is making me feel like a complete internet n00b ;)

[ edited by GVH on 2008-10-08 21:52 ]
My understanding is that no, your Dollverse account is not connected to your official Dollhouse site account. It's the different FOX fan sites using Wetpaint that are connected.
It was if you had an account on the Dollverse fansite's wiki, because it turned out to have been on the same service. At least that's how I understand gossi's remark above. And that was separate from your actual login.
Check, thanks for clearing that up Bix. I didn't have a seperate login for the Dollverse wiki, so I guess someone else actually has used "GVH" on one of those wetpaint websites.
Appears I locked my user name out as well, but no biggie. I came up with "Mindblank" which is especially fitting considering the forum of topic.

Anyhoo, really looking forward to "Dollhouse" finally hitting the air this January. Finally, some fresh whedonverse goodies to discuss among ourselves.
lioness - yes you are correct they are misusing the term Hat Trick. Hat Trick is a sports term for one player making three goals in a row.

Joss uses the term for an actor who has been in all three of his tv shows - Firefly, Angel, and Buffy.
In fact i'm not sure if even Eliza would count as she played the same character in Buffy and Angel.

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