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October 08 2008

Dr. Horrible available on UK and AUS iTunes. As individual acts or a bundle. At least that's what the official fansite says.

Sweet. Downloading as I type.
Finally! :)
*off to download*
Yay! Off to download now.
Finally! I was wondering if the delay was because it had to be classified first, but I checked the BBFC's website (which is actually quite informative) and there wasn't a listing there.
Downloading - you're doing it right. Yay!!
Great news. It's downloading right now.
To quote the removals guy at the start of Act III, "about time!"
Fantastic news! Now I just have to be patient until I get home from work:)
I may be wrong here but I got the impression there was a dubbing/sync problem with my iTunes copy. I never got that feeling when I watched Dr. Horrible on Hulu.
Still no German iTunes :(
Is there an issue with sync then ? Anyone else noticed that or does Simon just have bad eye-ear coordination ? ;)

Getting it anyway but if there's a corrected version on its way shortly i'll wait.
640 x 360 res ( not even SD ), and a mono soundtrack ????? ( although QuickTime says stereo, but it really isn't ).

Not a happy bunny. Why sell a crippled version barely better than the streamed version??

I feel utterly ripped off ( by iTunes )

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