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October 08 2008

"Jayne's Hoodie" item is now for sale. I think the website says it all. enjoy!

I think that's awesome. My $69.99 does not.
Wow. $70 bucks for a hoodie??

It's cute and all, but waaay overpriced.
Hoodies in general are overpriced.
I wonder if that's the same Jayne Hoodie as the Abbyshot one. Looks like it, same price and everything. Abbyshot is awesome.
That is AWESOME!!!
Yeah, way overpriced. Cute, but very, very overpriced. I looked for coupon codes and you can only use one and the best one I found took $10 off the order. BUT, shipping is $7.99 and they charge tax, so all that does is make it a little less painful if you were going to drop $70 on a hoodie.
Ooh wish it was a tad less expensive. But very, very neat
Haha, I was just about to post this. It's just in time for fall...I want one!
Okay, that got a smile out of me.
Sorry...but I think it looks sort of dumb. And for that price...yeah...notsomuch

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