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October 08 2008

(SPOILER) Adam Busch to guest star in 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'.'s Ausiello has the info along with spoilers for other tv shows.

The other Buffy-related news on the AA page is that Rebecca Kirshner (there listed as a Gilmore Girls scribe) is rewriting at least one upcoming ep of the new 90210.
Why was the Acker story deleted? Out of curiousity...
Reasons as to why posts are deleted can be found at the following URL:
Matt Roush is a known BtVS fan and, well, he seems to be as addicted as we are to judging characters :-).
Hey, that is pretty cool, having a site that explains why a post was deleted. I appreciate that.
Excellent news! It's been far too long since we've seen Adam. Sounds like he's playing an interesting character indeed. Now, we just need to pray that FOX will allow "TSCC" to survive to the tenth episode. BTW, is he and Amber Benson still an item?
At last report, yes.
Yep, that deleted posts blog has the property of ruleage. If we cross-bred the mods with awesome we'd end up with awesomely awesome children. They'd be orange of course but, y'know, an awesome shade.

And yay, Mr Adam Busch on T:TSCC. It's like a Whedonverse reunion where nobody knows each other (he was good on 'House' too).
That's good, thanks z.

Well, let the speculation begin. Will Adam be a skin job, a future freedom fighter, or a 21st century computer nerd? Think we can safety vote out a possible love interest with Cameron. I'm laying my bet on nerd. After all, they will inherit the planet.
Saje; Yes, true, she wasn't a Joss regular until afterhe wasn't so they probably didn't go to the same Shakesparties.

Madhatter; He's apaprently emntioned in the dedication to her next novel as part of her family. There's very, very, very unfounded speculations, surfacing very rarely, about the e-word.

Now if we can just get soembody to make that Hussh Hush sweet Charlotte remake with him playing John in the flashbacks, and maybe a Milton Berle biopic starring him, perhaps opposite Mercedes as Joyce Matthews if she can handle that kind of heavy drama.

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