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July 25 2003

(SPOILER) Angel news and Buffy reflections. Joss Whedon discusses the theme for Angel season 5 and looks back on Buffy seasons 6 and 7.

SO the theme is corruption. Really interesting.
Because if you spend a lot of time thinking of a story and then they [guest stars] suddenly canít [appear], youíre occasionally boned.

Actually, come to think of it at this point I'm thinking the perfect spinoff would be a completely new cast. Completely new characters. Absolutely no crossover of main characters. Have it take place in Cleveland. The writers could postulate that there has always been a Hellmouth there, and that there's never been a Slayer to stop evil from doing what it does there. Extrapolate from that what has been happening there all these years with evil unchecked. Add to the history of Cleveland that there were "good" people about a decade ago who discovered the Hellmouth similar to how Giles, Buffy, Xander and Willow did, but that unlike our Sunnydale gang, Cleveland's white hats were completely unsuccessful in stopping it. One of those people died. One of them went mad. One of them was turned evil. The fourth person ran away.

At the start of the new spinoff, the one that turned evil resurrects the one that died. The one that went mad seeks out the one that ran away, now being controlled by the one that turned evil. Those four become the Big Bad of season one, and a new group of white hats, led by one or more of the new slayers, enters Cleveland and prepares themselves for a showdown to take out the Hellmouth.

We don't need the cast of Buffy to continue the Slayer's story.
Scary to start from scratch, basically, but if it was well-cast, it sounds interesting. I think that it would be oh-so-hard to toss away all thes well-developed characters.
Am I the only one sick of hearing about Cleveland? It's Cleveland, for god's sake! It's a bloody joke! (Pssst...... Cleveland is a hellhole. Get it?) It's not canon, it's not the site of the next spin-off, it's definitely *not* where Buffy and the Scoobies are headed. After leaving Sunnydale, I expect Buffy & the gang went off to engage in an epic battle with the demons of Cancun.

The idea of fighting on a Hellmouth is done. If we have to start over with a new cast and a new venue, let's pick a new source of mystical activity, shall we? Ley lines in England. Ancient ancestral temples in Japan. The blood of conquistadors spilled over Mayan (or is it Aztec? I can never remember *grin*) ruins in Mexico. If we have to keep it stateside, we could go with a concept like Erie, Indiana, though I think Minear had the best idea with Faith-on-a-motorcycle. Something about an iternerant Slayer would be a nice change of pace. Just not Cleveland, thanks.
Aw, c'mon. You're cheating us out of a Howard the Duck crossover here.
Not to mention the Drew Carrey possibilities.

Howard the Duck? HAAA HAAA HAAA, I think I actually snorted there. Okay, but only if they get Lea Thompson and Tim Robbins to pop up too.
I had a great time once in Cleveland. But it was the company.
The idea of fighting on a Hellmouth is done. If we have to start over with a new cast and a new venue, let's pick a new source of mystical activity, shall we?

I say, no more (permanent) source of mystical activity period. Something that's not in the same line of superheros-fighting-on-a-daily-basis-to-save-the-world. Been there, done that. Faith on a motorbike is good, shakes things up a bit, which I think is what the mythology needs to stay fresh at this point. There are worlds of possibilites for spin-offs, movies or what-have-yous that the Buffyverse has already given birth too. Somebody with a lot of creativity (say Joss Whedon, for instance), could come up with something completely different but still existing in that world. And I'm all for that.
I'm all for a slayer chasing vampires around Transylvania, Prague, Rome, Madrid, London and the Scottish Highlands. A bit of the old world.
What if Buffy went the Law & Order and CSI Franchise route? Slayer: Las Vegas, Slayer: Miami, Slayer: New York, or, ooh, Slayer: Hong Kong, Slayer: Sea of Tranquility, etc.

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