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October 09 2008

Throw a little Summer in the mix. Fansong about Summer Glau on

Link goes to the a capella sample. Refer to the "Samples are used in" section for two (so far) versions with music.

I know I've seen this before, but I can't find a previous link.
Neither could I. :)

Was maybe this linked?
Don't remember it myself but then I can't listen to the song at work so what I really mean is either I don't remember the website or I don't remember what silence sounds like.

Maybe someone linked to it within a thread ? Or maybe zeitgeist is going daft in tha heid ? ;)
Yeah, maybe it was linked in a thread and the link restless posted is the page I remember seeing.
You know, just to prove I have no life, I tracked down the lyrics back to this posting on SF Signal in JANUARY. So only the music seems to be relatively new. I did not find it here, but I think it's highly likely, that it was posted. So maybe killing this thread might be the merciful thing to do.
Personally, I think the music makes the song... I was happy to stumble upon it via Whedonesque... so please don't kill it!
"Don't look now, but River's got a gun!" lol!

Oooo do a Buffy one!
Wow, those lyrics are really terrible.

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